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Getting Started: How To Get Your Life Insurance License

How to Get Your Life Insurance License
How To Satisfy Your Continuing Education Life Insurance Requirements On The Web

Highly Recommended Foundational Training Articles And Videos On The Final Expense Business – A Must For ALL New Final Expense Agents

The Truth About The Final Expense Industry
Mentorship Agent Interview with Chip
How To Cross Sell Final Expense To Your Book of Medicare Business
Final Expense is BOUGHT, Not SOLD!
The Numbers Behind Forecasting What You Can Make Selling Final Expense
First Time Ride Along Training With Rick
Beware These Final Expense Agency Scams – Don’t Become Another Victim of a Bad Final Expense Sales Opportunity!
Ride-Along Interview With New Final Expense Agent Mentor Agent
A Case Study On How To Improve Your Final Expense Sales Results
How Michael Sold $13,500 in New Business In One Week Interview

Your Questions About Final Expense Careers And Jobs Answered In The Articles Below

Is Selling Final Expense Insurance A Good Career?
Final Expense Jobs Should Be Treated Like a Business!
Final Expense Careers Let Agents Help Families In Their Darkest Hours
Can You Sell Final Expense Insurance Successfully On A Part-Time Basis?
How To Find The Best Final Expense Sales Opportunity

Final Expense Sales Training Articles with Videos

Final Expense Sales Training Part 1 | Introduction and Rapport-Building
Final Expense Sales Training Part 2 | How to Pre-Qualify and Fact-Find
Final Expense Sales Training Part 3 | Presenting Final Expense to a Prospect
Final Expense Sales Training Part 4 | Closing and Handling Objections
Should Agents Follow a Script?
Why The Best Final Expense Sales Training Should Include A Detailed Study Of Carrier Underwriting
Why Every Final Expense Agent MUST Embrace Becoming A Replacement Artist

Final Expense Door Knocking And Appointment-Setting Strategy Articles

How to Door Knock Final Expense Leads
Should I Hire A Final Expense Appointment-Setter?
How to Set Appointments
Using “Sticky Notes” To Help Increase Your Final Expense Door Knocking Results

Final Expense Lead Articles and Videos

The Pros and Cons of Final Expense Telemarketing Leads
How Final Expense Direct Mail Leads Work
Telemarketing Leads
Prospecting Without Leads
The True Cost of Final Expense Leads
The Truth About Final Expense Leads
Direct Mail Leads Pros and Cons
What is the Best Final Expense Direct Mail Lead?
My Review Of The Best Direct Mail Final Expense Lead Vendors
A Primer On Final Expense Direct Mail
What Is The Best Final Expense Mailer?

My Reviews of Final Expense Carriers

How to Pick The Best Insurance Carriers
United Heritage Life Insurance Final Expense Product Review
Security National Life Insurance Final Expense Product Review
Learn More About Great Western’s New Final Expense Product
Aetna American Continental Final Expense Review
Standard Life And Casualty Final Expense Product Review
Royal Neighbors of America Final Expense Product Review

Articles On Final Expense Mental Toughness And Success-Orientation

Rear-Ended, Life Threatened, and No-Showed – A Week in the Life of a Final Expense Agent
Final Expense | Personal Production Blog Entry
Why Agents Fail
Why Agents Fail in the Final Expense Business
Why Agents Succeed in the Final Expense Business
Diffusion is the Enemy of Productivity When Selling Final Expense
What I Would Have Done Differently
Why Final Expense Sales Is A F***ed Up Business

Organization and Preparation Strategy Articles and Videos

How To Organize Your Final Expense Sale Materials
What To Wear Selling Final Expense Burial Insurance

Funny Final Expense Sales Call Stories

How To Deal With The “God Objection,” Floating Caskets, and Al Gore
Outlaw Biker Final Expense Appointment – How Did I Ever Survive This One?

Random Final Expense Articles

The Benefits of Being an Independent Agent
Final Expense Sales Is Consultative
What Really Should Be Important to New Final Expense Agents
Final Expense Selling by Phone
The Truth About Final Expense Commissions
What Are You Paying For As An Agent?
How To Leave Your Agency Without Spilling Blood
Make More Money Cross Selling Grandchild Final Expense Plans To Your Clients!

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