Aged Final Expense Leads – Are They Worth The Investment?

The topic of aged final expense leads is something that comes up from time to time. The biggest reason why is due to new agents having financial constraints on buying fresh direct mail leads or telemarketing leads.

Aged final expense leads at times are a good purchase decision. And the purpose of this post is to discuss where you can find final expense aged leads, how to analyze if they are worth purchasing, what circumstances use aged leads, and what kind of sales results you can expect from them.

As a side note, if you would like to learn more about direct mail final expense leads in detail, go to my article published here for all sorts of specific and relevant information regarding final expense direct mail.

First of all, final expense aged leads are usually something that most marketing organizations or agencies will offer. You have larger agencies that have an inventory of final expense aged leads that are anywhere from several months old to several years old. Some of these leads are either worked or unworked.  Check out this page for more information on final expense mailers, and why they are a great type of lead to work.

aged final expense leads

Aged final expense leads are an inexpensive way to start your career selling final expense.

Why would an agent want to use aged final expense leads? The primary reason an agent uses aged leads is because it’s a cheap way to get started. However, just as true as it is everywhere else in life, you get what you pay for. With aged final expense leads comes a poorer quality lead. Aged final expense leads that are a year old or more will result in many of them that are dead, have moved, phones have been shut off because their Obamacare minutes are gone.

To most efficiently work your final expense aged leads, you need to give maximal effort in door knocking them, plus you have to buy a mass load of them to get any use of them.

If you are desperate to get involved in selling final expense, and can string together enough money for final expense aged leads, I say go for it.

However, you have to keep your expectations in line with what you’re paying for; if you pay $100 for 50 aged leads and you sell 2 policies of them, then that’s a great 10:1 return on your investment.

You’ve got to go work them hard. You’ve got to buy a high volume of them. And you should treat working aged leads as a way to “step up” to bankrolling your eventual fresh direct mail lead program.

final expense aged leads

final expense aged leads are proven way to develop a high return on investment in combination with a low upfront investment.

At Final Expense Agent Mentor, I offer final expense aged leads, but what’s unique about these leads is that these are what’s called un-worked final expense aged leads. Most of the aged leads available have been called on, visited by agents, and more difficult to work.

Unworked aged final expense leads tend to be just as fresh as they were when they were originally mailed out. I and my agents have access to unworked aged final expense leads, and they are an affordable way to purchase leads that are of a decent quality.

If you’re interested in aged leads and you’re not looking to get involved with my agency but you want to try to find out more, just do a Google search for ‘aged final expense leads’, internet aged leads are fine. A lot of these marketing organizations offer them, but make sure you try to ask them if they’re un-worked or not and see if you can get a volume deal and, again, just try to come up with some sort of approach to this to where you have access to a good volume so that you can get the most out of your return.