Cover - Should I Hire A Final Expense Appointment Setter?

Should I Hire A Final Expense Appointment Setter?

By David Duford - January 02, 2023 - 5 Mins Read

Are you looking for a quality final expense appointment setter you can trust to call your final expense leads?

If you LOVE selling final expense insurance but HATE setting appointments, you’ve found the right article!

I will discuss the major aspects of hiring a final expense appointment setter, and what you should look for.

You’ll discover the value of a final expense appointment setter, and for whom outsourcing final expense appointment setting is a good idea.

Let’s get started!


The Truth About Outsourcing

Many new final expense agents are not comfortable making phone calls to set final expense appointments.

When I first started in final expense sales, this described me perfectly.

In fact, I even feared calling the pizza man when I was a kid!

This phone call reluctance led me to believe outsourcing final expense appointment setting was a good idea.

What To REALLY Expect

When it comes to setting appointments from final expense leads, there’s 2 different fields of thought.

Nobody Does A Better Job Than You

Some agents believe no final expense appointment setter will work leads better than the agent.

These agents believe that calling leads themselves means a higher percentage of booked appointments, a higher show rate, and a higher closing ratio.

Therefore, outsourcing final expense appointment setting makes no sense.

Outsourcing = Scale

While I understand the perspective of these agents against outsourcing, I believe a quality final expense appointment setter is worth her weight in gold.

In fact, for those agents interested in scaling their business to high levels, outsourcing appointment setting to a caller is my first recommendation.

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There is a point of diminishing returns working a large volume of leads.

This means if you want to run more than 15 to 20 appointments weekly, hiring a final expense appointment setter is a sensible idea.

When To Outsource

Let me explain when and why I feel final expense appointment setting is the superior choice for agents taking a large number of leads.

Only buying 15 to 20 leads a week?

No matter if they are direct mail final expense leadstelemarketing final expense leads, or Facebook final expense leads, that activity level is not high enough to warrant hiring an appointment setter.

Unless you have a morbid fear of dialing, you should call the leads yourself and improve your phoning skill.

Too MANY People To See

When is it justifiable to hire a final expense appointment setter?

When you are BURIED in leads, and have so many people to see, that you may not get to all of them each week.

For most, the truth is most agents set their own final expense appointments. It’s efficient. And they get the most return on their investment.

But if you want to scale your presentation volume higher than average, seriously consider outsourcing your final expense appointment setting.

While it’s true that no one will do as good as job as you setting appointments, you must remember your primary focus.

Identify your highest-value, core competency, and leverage that to its fullest extent.

And in selling final expense, our core competency is giving final expense presentations to qualified prospects.

What I Do

When I personally product, I outsource ALL final expense appointment setting activities.

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It’s the only way I can run 30 to 40 appointments a week without going bonkers!

Without leveraging my final expense appointment setter, I would be working 15 hours, 6 days weekly between calling and running appointments.

A Good Investment

Despite the investment in paying the appointment setter, I write more volume and bank more commission after expenses.


For agents that fear dialing, have lots of leads, or want to take their production to the next level, hiring a final expense appointment setter makes great sense.

Your business process changes slightly as your appointment setter probably won’t book as many as you.

However, the volume of new business that you see, compared to doing it yourself, will increase your net income, which is what really matters.

Here are a few final expense appointment setters I recommend:

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