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Before reaching out using the form below, please read the important information below:

  • Are you a new or aspiring insurance agent considering joining The DIG Agency?
    1. Watch the Overview Video and FAQ videos here to get a thorough understanding of how our agency works. It’ll answer 90%+ of your questions about joining The DIG Agency.
    2. Once you do that, attend a live Q&A call or watch a recorded Q&A call here.
    3. Once you complete Steps 1 and 2 above, please apply for a position here. If we’re interested, we’ll follow up within the next 5 business days with an interview time.
  • Are you an experienced agent in final expense, Medicare, annuities, or any insurance product, and interested in joining The DIG Agency but DON’T think you need to use our normal mentorship process?
    • Please fill out the form below explaining your background, and we’ll reach out within the next 2 business days with details.
  • Have a question about something else?
    • Fill out the form below, and we’ll reach out in the next 24 to 48 business hours.
  • Consider joining our Insurance Sales Success forum to ask your question!
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Currently, we are NOT recruiting agents ONLY interested in ACA, Medicare, or annuities. We only teach these product strategies to agents who have a minimum of 6-12 months of *successful* final expense or life insurance experience. Unless you’re interested in starting with us to sell final expense, or have provable life insurance sales experience, we are not interested in recruiting you to sell ACA, Medicare, or annuities.
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