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WebCE Review For Insurance Agents

By David Duford - January 03, 2023 - 5 Mins Read

Are you a prospective insurance agent looking to complete pre-licensing or get continuing education credits, and looking for information on how WebCE works?

If so, you’ve found the right article.

Today, I review the basics of how WebCE works so you can determine if it’s a good fit.

Let’s get started!

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NOTE: I have reviewed other insurance pre-licensing and continuing education providers, including NobleCE, AD Banker, BetterCE, ExamFX, and Xcel Solutions. Make sure to check those out, too.

About WebCE


WebCE emphasizes that its courses are useful for agents at any stage of their career.

They offer a variety of learning programs that include:

    • test prep for getting a license

    • renewing an existing insurance license

    • advancing your career as an agent with interactive industry training

    • entering company-directed program training in firm element or AML so that you can better train employees in your agency

WebCE’s extensive exam prep courses and tools include those for insurance producer exams, adjuster licensing exams, and tax qualifying education.

They offer interactive pretest content that includes state of the art software, practice tests, and even simulations of the real state exams.

They also have live customer support to help you with anything you’re confused about.

In addition to licensing exam preparation, WebCE also uniquely offers online securities training and firm element courses to help you manage your employees in your agency and keep your business compliant with regulations.

An annual training plan at your security firm ensures that training will be available when you need it.

Professionals Served

In addition to new agents that need their first license and current agents that need them renewed, WebCE specializes in those who own security firms and other businesses that need training in firm element, AML, or other securities to keep up with regulations and keep their business compliant.

Few licensing programs outside of WebCE have so many courses devoted to these professionals’ unique needs as well as so many programs that help new agents get their insurance career started with the right expertise.



As the owner of a security firm, the ability to access securities and firm element training solutions on a convenient course site normally reserved solely for insurance licensing is a huge advantage.

Training and progress tracking is accurate and comprehensive on WebCE. Programs can be customized to fit anyone’s schedule and learning needs. As an administrator, the online reports and real-time updates of WebCE are extremely convenient.

As anyone getting or renewing their insurance licensing, however, the exam prep and continuing education tools are comprehensive and convenient to use.

Live customer support for their audio-enabled exam prep lessons helps make tests portable on student smartphones, interact with the content on customizable practice quizzes, and even complete accurate simulations of state exams for the ultimate prep work.

Whether you need limited lines exam prep, health and life, adjuster licensing, or most any insurance licensing renewal, WebCE’s programs are intuitive, no matter the size of your company or your experience level as an agent.

They are also slightly below industry average in terms of pricing, though this can vary depending on your experience level going in.


Some reviewers have issues with the material’s testing procedures, stating that the questions come from theory while the teaching materials come from practice.

These are a minority, however, as most highly review and recommend WebCE, particularly for its flexible class hours and comparatively affordable course rates.

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