Cover - A.D. Banker & Company Review [For Insurance Agents]

A.D. Banker & Company Review [For Insurance Agents]

By David Duford - January 03, 2023 - 5 Mins Read

Are you a prospective insurance agent who wants to complete pre-licensing or get continuing education credits, and looking for information on how AD Banker & Company works?

If so, you’ve found the right article.

I’m going to review the basics of what A.D. Banker offers so you can determine if it’s a good fit.

Let’s get started!

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NOTE: I have reviewed other insurance pre-licensing and continuing education providers, including NobleCE, WebCE, BetterCE, ExamFX, and Xcel Solutions. Make sure to check those out, too.

About A.D. Banker


A.D. Banker & Company offers insurance pre-licensing exam prep and continuing education for many different licenses, including those in life and health insurance, personal lines, property and casualty, adjuster, and others.

These courses are designed to make students compliant with CE requirements, more knowledgeable about their industry, and better agents all around.

A.D. Banker & Company’s biggest strength is the variety of their testing materials. Test courses are offered in personal auto policies, general liability, farm insurance, annuities, qualified and non-qualified retirement plans, medical expense plans including Medicare, Medicaid, and social security, policy provisions courses, and many more.

They use multimedia prep materials conducted by industry experts to help students continue their education.

They offer practice material with activities and chapter quizzes, all the way up to full simulations of your licensing exams.

Their comprehensive study guides work well for any industry professional that needs their license renewed or any newcomer that wants to hit the ground running with as much relevant knowledge as possible.

Professionals Served

The ability to buy materials separately rather than as part of a lump sum for an extended course (discussed in more detail below) makes A.D. Banker & Company especially viable for those who have already taken licensing exams before.

If you know the areas in which you need the most help or are pressed for cash and want to get by on self-studying exam samples or flashcards and not pay for the course materials at all, A.D. Banker & Company delivers.

Individuals who own an agency are also ideal for A.D. Banker’s material since they offer training solutions for business owners that allow them to enroll their agents and track their progress.

Customers also appreciate the ability to request course packages for an entire agency, rather than just as an individual. There’s no better choice for an employer who wants to put some or all of their staff in the same licensing program.



A.D. Banker & Company offers a larger variety of courses than the average continuing education program. The ability to take continuing education in everything from life insurance policies to annuities is helpful for those that have large firms that deal with many different types of policies.

However, the specificity of the testing materials that you can purchase from A.D. Banker & Company also makes them useful for those that only want to study a small portion of the licensing exam materials.

This means that you can pay smaller prices for flashcards for the life & health licensing exams, or for practice exams with no course material.

This ability to pick and choose the course materials you use to study for your exams makes A.D. Banker ideal for agents who prioritize self-study, or those who know exactly what they need to study before they take their test and only want to buy one part of the material.


The main drawback of the A.D. Banker courses is that they use industry-specific terminology frequently. This can make it difficult for new agents.

However, most reviewers agree that you have to learn the terms sometime so you might as well start with prep.

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