Cover - BetterCE Review [For Insurance Agents]

BetterCE Review [For Insurance Agents]

By David Duford - January 03, 2023 - 5 Mins Read

Are you a prospective insurance agent looking to complete pre-licensing or get continuing education credits, and looking for information on how Better CE works?

If so, you’ve found the right article.

I’ll review the basics of how BetterCE works so you can determine if it’s a good fit.

Let’s get started!

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NOTE: I have reviewed other insurance pre-licensing and continuing education providers, including WebCE, NobleCE, AD Banker, ExamFX, and XcelSolutions. Make sure to check those out, too.

About BetterCE


BetterCE provides a course catalog of compliance support to help agents learn from insurance licensing professionals and earn their own licenses.

It’s explicitly designed for current insurance agents that are up for their agent renewal requirements and need to take the tests again.

Busy insurance agents need a testing system that works with their tight schedule as well as with the expectation of their current level of expertise.

BetterCE is intended for use on desktop or laptop computers, but it is optimized for mobile devices as well so that busy insurance agents can take their courses with them to a call or squeeze in some study time while in transit.

Each time you complete a course with BetterCE, the credit hours are reported to your state regulator immediately, saving you time and hassle with transfer records, notifications, and wait times.

In keeping with its focus on teaching busy agents, BetterCE allows you to stop, quit, or resume courses at any time.

It’s designed for effective course delivery and compliance support for agents that need to renew their licenses. However, its main focus is convenience.

They offer text-based self-study courses, unlimited quiz and exam retakes, and complete freedom in course navigation, testing times, and lesson plans.

Professionals Served

BetterCE specializes in current agents who are too busy for most courses but need to meet their licensing renewal requirements.

BetterCE gives them customizable courses that they can start and stop at any time. The catalog is designed for convenience to help agents who are on a time crunch successfully renew their licenses.



BetterCE’s professional advisors and instructors served as State Insurance Regulators, so they have experience in testing procedures and requirements that will be invaluable to you when you take their continuing education courses.

They offer licensing and compliance support for current insurance professionals as well as a convenient course delivery for those that can’t devote huge chunks of time to the material.

Another huge advantage in terms of convenience is the complete mobile optimization of their programs, which helps busy agents take their courses on the go.

Tests can be retaken unlimited times and the scores are reported immediately.

BetterCE submits your course credit hours to your state department immediately so that you don’t have to fumble through course reporting documents to get credit for your pre licensing exam work.


There are very few consistent complaints listed concerning the course materials, the score delivery system, the completion time, or the price of the course.

The main issue seems to be a result of convenience-focused materials that give busy agents the ability to take these courses at their own speed.

For some, this freedom results in a feeling of “hands-off” learning where they might have preferred courses that are more directive or focused on a tight course completion schedule.

Identifying your learning style and matching it to the style of your licensing program is important no matter which company you use. It’s no different with BetterCE.

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