Cover - Noble CE Review [For Insurance Agents]

Noble CE Review [For Insurance Agents]

By David Duford - January 03, 2023 - 5 Mins Read

Are you a prospective insurance agent looking to complete pre-licensing or get continuing education credits, and looking for information on how NobleCE works?

If so, you’ve found the right article.

Today, I review the basics of how NobleCE works so you can determine if it’s a good fit.

Let’s get started!

NOTE: I have reviewed other insurance pre-licensing and continuing education providers, including WebCE, AD Banker, BetterCE, ExamFX, and Xcel Solutions. Make sure to check those out, too.

About Noble CE


Noble CE is a risk-free online course catalog for insurance agents that want to renew or obtain various licenses.

It’s made especially for people who have friends in the industry that also need licensing exam prep, in keeping with their famous 20% money-back guarantee if you order courses with a friend (you both get the discount).

To further set itself apart from the competition, Noble CE offers a 30-day refund if you don’t like your courses.

Over 2 million agents have used Noble CE for continuing license education since 1989. Today, they are fast and efficient, reporting your credit hours to your department daily so that you don’t have to worry about penalties.

Despite prioritizing efficiency, however, they also think about your needs. None of their classes or exams have timers, meaning you can complete them as quickly or methodically as you like.

They have automatic compliance checks to make sure you’re ready and free exam retakes whenever you want.

Noble CE is especially useful for agents that have already gone through the testing process since you can buy their services by the hour, not just by the week.

This means that those who just need touching up can take as much or as little from the service as they need.

Numerous online resources in life and health licensing, discussed below, round out their available learning tools to help Noble CE students pass their exams and become better agents in the process.

Professionals Served

Noble CE serves anyone who needs an insurance license, whether brand new or a renewal.

However, it is optimized for people with industry friends or partners that can take the course at the same time at a discounted rate.

The ability to buy courses by the hour also means that experienced agents may find a better deal brushing up on Noble CE material without having to buy an entire 2-month course from another provider.



In addition to the risk-free guarantees and deals listed above, Noble CE also offers many life and health resources that you can buy to improve your agency and your knowledge, even if you’re not trying to pass a licensing exam.

These bundles often go on sale for less than $50 and include 24 credit hour courses on Anti Money Laundering, Life & Health, Aging America, Trusts, Annuities, and other subjects worthy of continuing education.

In addition to all these resources, Noble CE is mobile-optimized so that you can take these courses with you on a call or wherever you are, continuing your education on your smartphone or tablet.


Some users take issue with how text-heavy the material is, citing “a lot of reading.”

However, this is not a common complaint and could also be interpreted as representing the depth of Noble CE’s prep materials.

Very few people have had anything negative to say about Noble CE’s prices, customization options, testing materials, or success rate.

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