Cover - Prudential Review [For Agents Thinking Of Joining]

Prudential Review [For Agents Thinking Of Joining]

By David Duford - January 03, 2023 - 5 Mins Read

Disclaimer: We are not in any way affiliated with Prudential Insurance. In fact, we are a direct competitor of theirs. This article is our personal review of their agent sales career opportunity and our personal opinions of the company. If you are looking to contact Prudential Insurance directly, call them at  1-877-778-2100.

Are you considering an insurance agent career with Prudential Life Insurance?

Wondering if the opportunity is legit and a good fit for your career goals?

If so, you found the right article!

I’ll be reviewing Prudential Life Insurance Company from the standpoint of someone who is considering selling life insurance.

I’ll discuss the following topics in detail:

Let’s get started!

About Prudential

Prudential has been in business for over 140 years, providing a variety of insurance products including:

    • life insurance,

    • annuities,

    • retirement related services,

    • mutual funds and,

    • investment management for its clients.

They have offices all across the United States, Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

Product Offerings

Prudential provides life insurance, retirement services, and other products all over the world.

Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance lasts for a predetermined period.

Through Prudential, these policies offer an income-tax-free death benefit to aid your client’s business or family if they die.

The policy also offers guaranteed premiums that stay the same during the level period and then increase until the policy ends.

Two other benefits include limited access to the death benefit if the client is dealing with a terminal illness and a conversion option that can keep their policy up to date with health changes.

Universal Life Insurance

Universal Life Insurance gives clients the option to pay more into their plan than they need to in order to reap benefits in interest later.

The flexible premiums and long-term coverage of these plans build cash value over time and earn a minimum interest rate, which can increase, depending on the plan they choose.

Indexed Universal Life Insurance

The interest rate of Indexed Universal Life Insurance builds in cash value depending on independent changes in a stock index.

These policies potentially offer more or fewer returns depending on when they are paid out relative to the value of the stock.

However, there is a minimum payout of 0% interest so that the policyholder is not responsible for recouping losses in a particularly bad market.

Variable Universal Life Insurance

Variable Universal Life Insurance has the greatest potential to increase in cash value with its equity and bond investment opportunities.

However, clients’ payment coverage will also decrease if these investments don’t pan out.

Retirement Coverage

Prudential Managed Accounts help clients plan for their late life as well as offer financial bonuses for using their personalized investment portfolio.

This includes guaranteed income for life through Prudential, as well as a financial advisor who can help clients roll over old plans and plan for their future.


Prudential’s annuity plans allow clients to defer year-end taxes and save for retirement income.

Plans include advantages like tax deferral, legacy protection, and opportunities for guaranteed lifetime income.

Fixed Index Annuities allow them to do this without the risks of loss (or potential for growth) that comes with investing in a stock index.

PGIM Investment

Asset classes and investment styles in Prudential’s PGIM Investment plans give clients access to equities and real estate through their trading services, accessed on global markets by their investment managers.

How you find prospects

Prudential offers support with free programs that coach you through your prospect opportunities and your budget opportunities.

Their 26-week training opportunity rewards you with a stipend as you try to build your commissions.

Additionally, Prudential agents are taught the Project 100/200 method in cultivating insurance prospects.


You receive commissions on new products but only receive renewals on insurance policies and annuities, which pays out as a small percentage of the annual premium and lasts 10 years.

For mutual funds, you are compensated a percentage of the 12B-1 fees.

How to increase commissions

Depending on the type of insurance product, you will receive 50% of the first-year premium, sometimes more.

Term life products pay out as high as 45% and mutual funds compensate at a percentage of the load based on the share class.

Is Prudential Insurance a Scam/Pyramid Scheme/MLM?


Prudential Insurance is a trusted insurance provider and employer with an account on major job board sites.

The company is not a scam.

My Thoughts On Prudential

Now that you better understand the Prudential Insurance sales opportunity, allow me to provide my thoughts on what a career with Prudential is like.

Just so you know, I have been selling insurance since 2011, and have operated a national independent insurance agency since 2013.

This means I have first-hand knowledge about what it is like to sell insurance today in addition to the knowledge that comes from talking to thousands of agents across the country over the past many years.

Selling friends and family

Prudential Life Insurance teaches agents to prospect the existing warm market.

Majors warm markets consists of friends, family members, and former business associates.

They call this strategy the project 100 or project 200 list.

The idea is to go speak to those people, those connections that you have, about the type of insurance products Prudential offers, and do fact-finding to see if you can sell them a policy.

This method is one of the oldest prospecting strategies in the insurance business, but a lot of people do not like selling to people they know.

Doesn’t feel good for many agents

Working your existing network feels very much like an insurance MLM, multi-level marketing type of opportunity.

And many agents, including myself, don’t want to get involved in a prospecting method that may put them at odds with the people they care about in their life.

This may or may not be true for you.

Some people don’t mind working their network and find value in helping out their friends and family with their insurance needs.

Others like myself when I first started, abhorred the strategy.

I wanted to work a different type of system to get in front of prospects, like paying for qualified insurance leads or conducting seminars.

Lower commission rates relative to others

Compared to other organizations like mine, Prudential Insurance pays lower commissions on many of its products.

It’s common in the insurance world when you partner up with an organization to get paid much less than you could elsewhere as an independent agent.

Compared to what other agents have stated as the regular insurance commission rates, Prudential pays approximately half the rate of what some independent agents make for similar types of products.

Lower commission means you will have a hard time staying afloat, and it may also affect your actual profitability.


Prudential Insurance is a great sales opportunity for the right agent.

You have to be comfortable with the prospecting methods, work your network of friends/family/ associates, and you really have to believe in the Prudential way to accept lower commissions than you can get elsewhere.

Bottom line, do your due diligence.

Don’t take the first insurance sales opportunity that you see, whether that’s Prudential or any other organization.

Look into the details that matter like how much you will get paid and what kind of sales strategy they utilize to ensure it’s a good fit for your career goals.

You can learn more about how my national agency operates here in helping new and experienced insurance agents become top producers in final expense, Medicare, and annuities.

Also check out my many Agent Testimonials as well as my highly-reviewed insurance sales books.


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