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One thing I CONSTANTLY preach on my YouTube channel and articles is that most insurance sales “opportunities” are really an opportunity for the agency to pick your pockets, and put you in a position as an agent where you ultimately do NOT want to be!

As a marketer and recruiter of agents wanting to sell final expense, annuities, mortgage protection, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare Supplements, I TOTALLY understand and EXPECT all potential agents should expect a “preponderance of proof.”

Any agency you work with should be able to PROVE to you they:

  1. KNOW what they are talking about, and
  2. Have PROOF of success in putting that knowledge into profitable ACTION.

Testimonials From Real-Life Agents!

What follows below is a collection of some agent testimonial videos, in-depth interviews, and reviews from agents who have personally worked one-on-one with me.

My goal is to not just TELL you what I can do for you… but to also SHOW you how I have helped numerous agents of all backgrounds succeed in selling insurance.

Hope you enjoy!

Top Mentorship Agent Interviews And Testimonials

Anonymous Reviews From Duford Insurance Group’s Agents

1st Year Agent Ryan Discusses How He Writes $10,000+ Of Final Expense Business Weekly Partnering With David’s Agency

Interview With Mid-50’s Agent From The Medical Sales Industry

David Duford Agent Testimonials From Facebook

Interview With Early-40s Agent From The Horse Training Business

David’s Agent Ryan L. Writes Nearly $15,000 In Final Expense In One Week Using David’s Sales And Marketing System!

Case-Study’s of Successful Agents Selling Annuities In Dave’s Agency!

Interview With New Annuity Agent Michael On David’s Annuity Sales Training Program

Interview With Former Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Now Selling Final Expense

Interview With Former Wall-Street Banker Turned Final Expense Agent

Several testimonials for David Duford from happy agents.

How Michael Wrote $13,500 In Final Expense In One Week!

How Dennis Wrote $10,900 In Final Expense In One Week!

First-Time Ride Along Experience With Joey

More David Duford testimonials

What Tyler Learned On His Ride-Along With David Duford

More Happy Agents Partnering With David Duford!

First-Time Ride-Along In Tennessee

More Dave Duford testimonials.

Medicare Advantage Agent Sells 15 to 20 Policies A Week Using Our Sales And Marketing Program

How Kenny And Ethan Sell Medicare Advantage Plans Over The Phone & Face-To-Face

DIG Medicare Agent Bradley Describes His Success Selling Medicare Advantage With Duford Insurance Group

Final Expense Telesales

David Duford Agent Partner Jason Interview (Writes 10-15 FE Applications Over The Phone Weekly)

Long-Time FE Face-to-Face David Duford Agent Describes How He Transitioned To Telesales

How DIG Agents Michael & Bill Close 50% Of Their Final Expense Leads!

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