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One thing I CONSTANTLY preach on my YouTube channel and articles is that most insurance sales “opportunities” are really an opportunity for the agency to pick your pockets, and put you in a position as an agent where you ultimately do NOT want to be!

As a marketer and recruiter of agents wanting to sell final expense, annuities, mortgage protection, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare Supplements, I TOTALLY understand and EXPECT all potential agents should expect a “preponderance of proof.”

Any agency you work with should be able to PROVE to you they:

  1. KNOW what they are talking about, and
  2. Have PROOF of success in putting that knowledge into profitable ACTION.

Testimonials From Real-Life Agents!

What follows below is a collection of some agent testimonial videos, in-depth interviews, and reviews from agents who have personally worked one-on-one with me.

My goal is to not just TELL you what I can do for you… but to also SHOW you how I have helped numerous agents of all backgrounds succeed in selling insurance.

Hope you enjoy!

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More Testimonials

I’ve been in the industry since 2016, and this is my second time coming back into it because I failed my first time.

I have seen David’s videos and content for years but I just recently joined his group back in May 2021. GAME CHANGER.

I have always been an independent, which has been a blessing and a curse. I have tried many different FMO’s and IMO’s over the years but I just never fit in with their “culture” and MLM schemes.

Most of them talk about the money you can make in a short amount of time. Sure, there are some people doing that but most just recruit, recruit, recruit and see who sticks, which is a terrible business strategy.

Up until DIG I also lacked the discipline, time management, and overall strategies needed for this career. David and his group have provided me with the tools and top notch training that I have been lacking since starting in this field.

Whether it’s reaching out to the group for help or David personally I always get the support I need!

Travis Lane
Lane Financial Strategies LLC

I am in my second year with the Duford Agency. 

I wasted two years with other IMOs before I discovered David Duford. 

The other IMOs all talk about their training and their leads, but it was all talk. 

David Duford does exactly what he tells you. David has the products, leads, and commissions that all the others talk about. 

If you want to sell final expense, stop what you are doing and work with David Duford. 

Chuck Thornton

I have been in the insurance industry for three years now and I can say I have FINALLY found my home.

I was sold all kind of fluff, mlm crap, and crickets. I would encourage anyone in this industry not to give up because this is an awesome career. 

David is all for helping people succeed. David gives you a wealth of information on how to get it done in this business.

David does not give you a bunch of fluff and rah-rah. He is honest and not a jerk.

The only thing I can say is I have a lot of information to  keep up with being with David’s agency.  I know that if I do not reach my goals, I can only blame myself. The information and David is there.

Shakina Hawthorne

Hey David,

I just wanted to reach out and say how much I appreciate all the help you’ve given me over the last couple of years.

Your experience is invaluable and you have never hesitated to give me an answer to my questions.

You made the onboarding process pretty painless and helped me to brainstorm client issues, which are many and usually unique to each situation.

Thanks again for being there for support and encouragement.

Craig Potter

I would like to take this opportunity and express my appreciation for being able to be part of David Duford’s Agency as a part time rookie agent.

David has always been top notch. Always does what he says he is going to do. Has a great amount of patience with me just getting started. His training site is excellent, can’t ask for anymore in my opinion.

I would recommend this opportunity to anyone considering the independent agent route. You will get out of this opportunity what you put into it. No doubt about it.

Dave is not going to be putting a lot of pressure on you, yet he will tell give you factual information you can actively use and get involved with your business. His lead side of the business is awesome.

I am currently working a large batch of “aged leads” that are teaching me so much as a new agent. Large variety of options available in the area of leads.

Any time I have had a question that I needed answered, Dave was always prompt on getting back with me rather it be email or text. His carrier contracting is excellent, what a choice of carriers to select from. His agency makes this really easy and user friendly.

A great thing about being part of Dave’s agency you can learn so much yet not all the rah rah of some companies, I appreciate that greatly. Appreciate Dave keeping everything real. So, I am very happy and proud to be part of such a professional agency as Dave’s.  I highly recommend this agency.

Tracy Sease

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