Learn More About David Duford’s Medicare Advantage Program!

If you are:  

  • A final expense agent looking to learn a complete system on selling your final expense business Medicare Advantage policies, or 
  • An agent interested in selling Medicare Advantage exclusively, *all year long*,  

…then what we have to offer is certainly for you!  

I am teaming up with 10+ year Medicare Advantage veteran Luis Moreno and top Medicare Advantage producer Adam H. who writes 15 to 20 policies weekly to teach both final expense agents and agents new to Medicare how to master the craft of selling Medicare Advantage.  

Whether you have a book of final expense business to sell… money to invest in Medicare Advantage leads…

We will teach you how to develop Medicare Advantage business quickly and compliantly.  

Want To Learn More?

Here’s what you need to do to learn more about how this new Medicare Advantage Sales Program works.  

First, watch the video below on the opportunity overview I put together. This will answer your basic questions.

Second, if you want a more in-depth understanding of selling Medicare Advantage, review the interview video where I discuss with Luis Moreno on the basics of Medicare Advantage. There, you’ll learn the basics of Medicare Advantage, and how the opportunity works.  

YES! We offer a complete TELESALES sales and marketing system for Medicare Advantage agents. Watch the video to learn how one of our agents has experienced success in it.

How To Get Started With AHIP Credentialing

Click here to review the AHIP Powerpoint Presentation discussed in the video above

How To Set Up A Group Consultation With David

To schedule a group cosultation to speak directly with David Duford, please schedle a time using the buttons below.

NOTE: After the group conference, you *will* get an opportunity to book a 1-on-1 consultation with David.