Cover - Datalot Leads Review [Fair & Balanced]

Datalot Leads Review [Fair & Balanced]

By David Duford - January 03, 2023 - 5 Mins Read

Most likely you’re here because you’re considering using Datalot to provide you insurance leads to sell insurance to.

If so, you’ve found the right article.

Today, I review how Datalot leads work, so you can determine if they’re a good fit.

Let’s begin!

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About Datalot

Datalot is a lead provider for the insurance industry. It was founded in 2009 by communications software developer Josh Reznick with the purpose to simplify online lead generation.

Reznick created a product for insurance lead buyers that allows agencies to spend less time and money on marketing and focus on selling.

Datalot provides incoming calls for insurance agents. Its DialDrive platform automates the web-to-phone sales process and offers live leads on demand.

Datalot’s digital marketers start by sourcing prospects online. After they call customers and ask them qualifying questions, they can match them with insurance sales agents.

The company offers a full selection of insurance product lines, including auto insurance, home and renters insurance, health insurance, and Medicare.

Datalot leads


Datalot doesn’t offer traditional shared leads that are sold to multiple lead buyers. Their calls are exclusive and pre-qualified and don’t require a lot of time or effort from agents to make contact.

These are not cold leads, but people who are actively looking for insurance.

Agents receive warm leads using targeting criteria such as prospects at a specific geographical location, prospects who have been insured for a year with no lapses in coverage, or those who had no at-fault accidents in the last year.

Agents can adjust how many calls they want to receive and when they want to receive them.

Agents only have to pay for calls they receive. All calls are recorded and can be played back and used for sales training and campaign optimization.

The system is pay-as-you-go with no contracts.

Types of leads

Datalot offers the following types of leads:

    • Auto insurance leads

    • Home insurance leads

    • Health insurance leads

    • Commercial leads

Lead Prices

Datalot call pricing varies based on product line and applied filters.

A call can typically cost anywhere from $20 with no filters to $60 or more with filters, where the consumer has to meet certain requirements to be able to get a quote.

If the consumer is out of the filter, Datalot will refund the agent.

Datalot reviews

Datalot has received mixed reviews.

On the one hand, their web platform is very intuitive and easy to use. Agents also appreciate having a dedicated account manager who can address any questions, review calls, and offer suggestions.

On the other hand, many find Datalot’s rates too high and the system of bidding for live leads too expensive.

What’s more, many of the complaints are about frequently receiving calls from consumers who are not within the pre-selected filters. In fact, some customers don’t seem to be looking for an insurance quote at all.

Many refund requests from Datalot are denied. Getting a refund seems to be difficult even after confirming through recorded calls that the consumer does not meet the filter criteria.

Agents are allowed to request a refund only if the call is ended in less than 2 minutes. If they miss a call, they are still charged the full price of the lead.

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