Cover - Western Marketing Insurance Review : Good Or Bad Agency?

Western Marketing Insurance Review : Good Or Bad Agency?

By David Duford - January 03, 2023 - 5 Mins Read

Disclaimer: We are not in any way affiliated with Western Marketing Insurance. In fact, we are a direct competitor of theirs. This article is our personal review of their agent sales career opportunity and our personal opinions of the company. If you are looking to contact Western Marketing Insurance directly, call them at 800-852-7152.

Are you considering a career selling insurance with Western Marketing Insurance? Perhaps you’ve already spoken to a representative or even had an interview but you’re still not sure whether this is the right opportunity for you.

This article is the right place to start, even if you haven’t been tested for your insurance license yet.

In this fair and unbiased review, I‘ll explain how the Western Marketing Insurance agent career program works and answer all the questions you may have about the agency.

Let’s begin!

PS: Check out my insurance sales jobs reviews for information about other agencies.

NOTE: As an aspiring or new insurance agent, you may want to check out my Free Insurance Agent Resource Guide [NEW] for details about insurance selling business in general.

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About Western Marketing Insurance

Western Marketing Insurance is an independent marketing organization (IMO) dedicated to recruiting, servicing, and supporting independent insurance agents.

The company was founded in 1989. It is headquartered in Missouri Valley, Iowa, and services all 50 states.

Products Sold And Market Focus

Western Marketing Insurance offers a complete line of life and health insurance products for the senior market.

The Western Marketing products include:

    • Medicare: Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D, and Medicare Enrollment Platform

    • Health insurance: ancillary health, Affordable Care Act (ACA) major medical, short term medical, group health plans, and disability income

    • Life insurance: final expense, single premium life, term life, universal life, and whole life insurance

    • Annuity: traditional fixed annuities and fixed-index annuities

    • Long term care insurance: traditional long term care, short term care, home health care, and asset based long term care.

The company partners with dozens of the nation’s top insurance carriers, including AIG, Transamerica, Mutual of Omaha, Aetna, Assurity, Senior Life Insurance Company, and more, to provide the best suited insurance products to their customers.

How Leads Work

Western Marketing Insurance offers several lead programs for agents:

    • Double down lead program. For qualifying issued and paid Medicare Supplement policies, Western Marketing reimburses costs for leads and marketing up to $1,000, depending on the number of policies sold within a month.

    • Direct mail leads. Western Marketing agents can buy direct mail leads at a discounted price from one of the following lead vendors: ARM Leads, Need a Lead, Target Leads, Kramer Direct, MS Powermail, LeadConcepts, MBI, and Direct Mail.

    • Telemarketing leads. These are verified, exclusive, fresh, and affordable leads from Lead Heroes. Western Marketing agents are eligible for discounts on lead prices.

How Getting Paid Works

Western Marketing website doesn’t offer any information about how getting paid works or about their commission plans.

Most likely, if you work on a contract for Western Marketing Insurance, your earnings will be commission based, that is, you’ll make money off commissions from selling insurance policies. As a new agent, you may make 40% to 90% percent in commission of the first year premium on term life insurance. Top-ranking producers may get 100% of the full premium in the first year as commission.

Western Marketing Insurance provides various incentives and bonuses for high-performing agents. In addition, they offer online training, as well as various tools and resources including:

    • Tech platforms

    • Agency playbooks

    • Carrier website directory

    • Errors and omissions coverage

    • Insurance blog

    • Website and social media

    • Seminars and workshops

    • Sales presentation, and

    • Back-office support.

Is It A Scam, MLM, Pyramid Scheme?


Western Marketing Insurance is not a scam. The organization recruits talented independent insurance agents and provides them with the necessary tools and training to streamline their business and maximize the success of their business.

Unlike multi-level marketing (MLM) and pyramid scheme organizations, Western Marketing does not expect agents to be part of a hierarchy and recruit other agents, usually referred to as their “downline”. Instead, agents work directly with insurance carriers, earning commissions based on their sales.

My Thoughts

Now that you know a little more about how Western Marketing Insurance works, I’d like to offer my advice on some other factors that you should consider before joining this or another agency.

How to Generate Leads

One of the things many new agents complain about is that their agency doesn’t have any established lead system. This usually means that they have to talk to friends or family to find prospects to sell to. This is a real problem because, at the end of the day, selling insurance is all about people.

If you want to be successful at selling insurance, you must have a marketing system in place that will allow you to get in touch with qualified and interested prospects. Of course, not all leads will want to buy insurance from you. But there will be enough interest so that you can make a return on your investment. Otherwise, you risk failing in the insurance business.

That’s why you should always check how an insurance agency will help you generate prospects. Find out whether they have a scalable, proven lead generation system. If not, you should look for another company.

We’ve seen that Western Marketing Insurance offers several lead programs including direct mail and telemarketing leads. This is how I run my final expense agency, too. At Duford Insurance Group, we focus on buying direct mail leads, Facebook leads, or television-generated leads on a high enough basis that keeps the agent busy. Although in both cases, you’ll have to invest your own money into the leads system, it is a proven strategy that works.


Understanding how commissions work is essential if you want to get paid the highest amount of money possible.

Commission rates depend on the agency and the type of product you’re selling. You should never accept the commission rates of an organization without doing proper research. The rate you are offered should not be lower than that of the competition. If it is, you should check what benefits that you won’t be able to get elsewhere come with those commission levels.

You should also keep in mind that there are many insurance agencies that operate as multi-level marketing (MLM) organizations. Because they have many layers of agents as part of the hierarchy and everyone needs to get paid, commission levels are usually well below average.

I would recommend choosing an agency that focuses on training and support of new agents, which allows them to offer higher commission rates. That’s exactly how I run Duford Insurance Group.


I hope you enjoyed this article on how selling with Western Marketing Insurance works. My goal was to give you enough information to help you decide whether this is a good opportunity for you.

If you’d like to find out more about my agency, there’s more information on my FAQ page.

Also, feel free to check out my new Free Insurance Agent Resource Guide for more details and advice about the insurance sales business.

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