Cover - Social Insurance Leads Review [For Final Expense Agents]

Social Insurance Leads Review [For Final Expense Agents]

By David Duford - January 03, 2023 - 5 Mins Read

Social Insurance Leads generates 100% exclusive final expense insurance leads in batches of a minimum of 20 per order.

Rather than using cold calls or other call center gimmicks to find their leads, Social Insurance Leads, as the name suggests, relies on social media outreach and marketing programs to find their final expense leads via Facebook.

The 2.6 billion Facebook users are their main focus for finding leads in your target demographic.

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About Social Insurance Leads

    • Phone: 1-206-580-1818

Owner of Social Insurance Leads

Kevin Howard is the owner of Social Insurance Leads.

He started as an agent for a major agency before his independent consultation work and marketing coaching.

His methods of lead sourcing and testing traffic are unique in the industry since his model is based on social media outreach rather than cold calls.

How Social Insurance Leads Works


Social Insurance Leads offers several types of leads, including:

    • Final Expense Leads

    • Spanish Final Expense Leads

    • Agent Recruiting Leads

    • Estate Planning Leads

Breakdown of Social Insurance Leads

    • Cost: leads range from $15/lead to $30/lead depending on the type of lead and the radius serviced

    • Lead Generation Strategy: tested social media methods, primarily on Facebook, are used to generate leads rather than cold calls or gimmicks

    • How Long To Fill An Order? Leads are fulfilled in as little as 24 hours from the time of ordering

    • Does The Lead Mention Life Insurance? Yes

    • Info Collected: the potential customer’s first and last name, phone number, address, email, and secret question are gathered from social media

    • Target Ages: 50+

    • Radius target: depending on the lead type, the target territory can be selected and customized for an additional fee per lead. For Final Expense Leads, they can be purchased in a 25-mile or 50-mile radius.

My Thoughts on Social Insurance Leads

Social Insurance Leads takes advantage of Kevin Howard’s industry experience to make a unique lead generation system that doesn’t rely on cold calls or automated voices to find leads for your agency.

If you feel that conventional methods may be behind the times, you may consider Howard’s methods of lead generation to be exactly what you need.

Since 5 billion people use social media and only a fraction of that number responds to mail and telephone marketing campaigns, it makes sense to explore new methods of lead generation to find new clients.

Social Insurance Leads’ methods and training offer this service.

Other Benefits

Unique Lead Sources

By far the best aspect of Social Insurance Leads is its unique approach to generating leads, which means that you’re competing for clients that don’t have the ear of a half-dozen other agencies.

While most leads services give you term insurance clients cold-called by six agencies and mortgage protection mailers, Social Insurance Leads gives you prospects that are 100% exclusive to your agency generated on social media.

This gives you a chance to take their financial inventory and review their assets without competition breathing down your neck.

Sales Training

Social Insurance Leads offers insurance sales training programs such as the Estate Planning Lead to help agents use social media to generate new leads exclusive to their carrier. The founder of Safe Money Smart, Sean Ruggiero, offers this training through Social Insurance Leads’ website.

This video series helps you improve your call strategy, how you close your sales, and how you conduct yourself with your clients.

Want to Work With Social Insurance Leads?

If you want to learn more about Social Insurance Leads’ products and services, fill out their contact form. There are numerous benefits to signing on with Social Insurance Leads, including:

    • Access to their unique leads generation system, 100% exclusive prospects, and online training

    • The fast turnaround time on your orders, which can come in 24 hours or less

    • Double verification of the customers’ interest performed by a person rather than a computer

    • Customizable search areas for your lead prospects, either by specific county or by a mile radius

    • Social Insurance Leads never resells your leads – they also give them to you gradually, as soon as they receive them

    • Estate Planning Leads, which are unique to Social Insurance Leads, allow clients to access a free template for Last Will and Testaments and a Final Wishes Guide

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