Cover - Premier Financial Alliance Versus World Financial Group: Which Is Best?

Premier Financial Alliance Versus World Financial Group: Which Is Best?

By David Duford - January 03, 2023 - 5 Mins Read

Most likely you’re reading this article today because you’re thinking about selling insurance either with Premier Financial Alliance or the World Financial Group.

Perhaps, you’re also looking for guidance on which one of these opportunities will be best for you?

If this sounds like you, you’ve found the right article!

Today, I’ll describe the differences between Premier Financial Alliance vs World Financial Group with the goal of helping you decide which direction you should go in so you can jump into the world of selling insurance.

Let’s begin.

PS: If you would like to learn more about insurance sales opportunities other than Premier Financial Alliance and World Financial Group, we’ve posted tons of insurance career reviews on this page.

NOTE: Are you interested in selling insurance as a business? Yes, then check out my Free Insurance Agent Resource Guide to find out more.

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About Premier Financial Alliance and World Financial Group

Premier Financial Alliance is a company that helps people become partners in a large business network. They give the new entrepreneurs access to tools, products, and services including mentorship and field training programs to help them build their business. The company is headquartered in Suwanee, Georgia.

World Financial Group is a Transamerica-owned company that sells financial planning services, such as savings, insurance, and retirement products. It is headquartered in Johns Creek, Georgia, and operates both in the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

Both are multilevel marketing firm (MLM) companies.

Products Sold And Market Focus

Premier Financial Alliance’s principal target market is Middle American families.

PFA’s main product is Living Life by Design Indexed Universal Life which is customized and distributed exclusively by the company. This is a permanent life insurance product that combines pure insurance protection with cash value accumulation.

Other financial products from Premier Financial Alliance include term life insurance, whole life, and universal life, and annuities. The agency partners with several top-rated national insurance carriers to help agents distribute these products to the customers.

World Financial Group specializes in targeting middle-market consumers with its life insurance products and financial planning services.

The company has a varied portfolio of insurance products like term life, permanent coverage, and especially indexed universal life products, in addition to retirement, savings, and wealth-building strategies. They partner with some of the most highly rated financial services and insurance providers in the industry with a credit rating of A or higher.

The Transamerica-backed products that World Financial Group distributes include insurance protection, retirement strategies, legacy strategies, long-term care insurance, and business solutions.

Commission Levels

Premier Financial Alliance agents are paid variable commissions from the insurance carriers based on the type of product, amount of coverage, and other factors such as the age and health of the customer. In addition, the PFA agents receive a commission when they recruit a new affiliate. Affiliate membership requires payment of a $125 fee.

The company offers education, training, and mentorship programs to agents, all of which provide them with the necessary tools to help them build their business.

Similarly, World Financial Group agent earnings are commission-based. This means that agents will only receive money as a commission if they sell insurance, or if the associates they recruit under them sell any WFG products. Commission increases are dependent on agency building, higher levels of recruiting, and production.

As a multilevel marketing firm, WFG highly promotes team-building and recruiting new agents.

My Thoughts

Now you know a little more about how Premier Financial Alliance and World Financial Group works, I’d like to talk about my experience as an insurance agent since 2011 and as an insurance agency owner since 2014.

Below, my goal is to highlight a few key factors for you to consider before you join any organization, whether Premier Financial Alliance, World Financial Group, or another agency.

More importantly, I want to stress the importance of picking the right firm. Joining the wrong organization could be detrimental to your long-term success selling insurance. Too many new insurance agents fail within their first year that it’s imperative we get these things right the first time (as best we can).

At least then, you can avoid making the big mistakes that most agents make.

Recruiting versus selling


One of the bigger issues that stands out to me with both these companies is the extreme focus on building a downline agency very early on in your sales career.

Just take a look at the commission advancement process. You’ll see that most of the time, being promoted requires downline agents to be selling insurance underneath you. This means that improving your earning capability with these agencies is undeniably tied to recruitment (aka builder a bigger company).

Why can this be an issue? Because it involves talking to your friends, relatives and even searching online job boards to persuade people to join and sell insurance with you.

Think carefully about whether this role is right for you. Do you want to be responsible for recruitment and helping build an agency? Most people enter the insurance business because they don’t want employees below them. They simply don’t want to deal with the same headaches you get with a typical employer.

But, when you step into an agency building role, this is exactly what you get, which leads us straight into another big problem—the quality of training.

Most organizations that push a recruitment-focused strategy usually offer way below-average sales training and support. As a whole, the salesmanship of most agents (even those above you) tends to be poor. Since the emphasis is on recruitment, actual sales skills end up taking a back seat.

To overcome this, I recommend that new agents focus on mastering whatever insurance product they’re interested in before moving on to recruitment.

Here’s why…

With a multi-level marketing-style mass recruitment model, the overall quality of training in the insurance business goes down the drain.

Some organizations honestly believe it’s okay for an entry-level agent with ZERO experience—someone who hasn’t even sold their first policy—to start recruiting people left, right, and center.

The quality of experience, training, and skill lessons over time. New agents end up feeling demoralized. And most quit the business prematurely. They fail to realize that had they had a harder look at the organization they joined beforehand, their experience starting out in the insurance business could have been very different.

There’s another element here that’s also crucial to your success. First, consider your own situation.

Ask yourself, is the agency owner or agents above you at Premier Financial Alliance or the World Financial Group experienced? Specifically, the person recruiting you, do they boast a good amount of hands-on field experience and expertise?

Can they successfully sell insurance? Better yet, can they teach you how?

There’s a big difference between doing and teaching. Some top agents can do it. Others can’t. In short, training new agents is a unique skill-set unto itself.


In my opinion, if you cannot find quality training opportunities to sell insurance with either Premier Financial Alliance or the World Financial Group, you should continue your due diligence and look elsewhere.

In fact, if you’re interested in learning more about the industry, you can check out my Free Insurance Agent Resource Guide, specifically for aspiring agents. Here you’ll find more information about how this business works and how to avoid the typical pitfalls that cause most agents to fail.

I hope this article has helped you decide which organization is best for you, whether that’s Premier Financial Alliance, the World Financial Group, or any other agency.

If you’d like to learn more about how I’ve helped insurance agents become top producers selling final expense and Medicare both over the phone and face-to-face, there’s more information on my FAQ page.

Please reach out if I can help. Thank you!

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