Working with Premier Financial Alliance

Premier Financial Alliance specializes in helping people become partners in a large business network in order to build their own financial services business.

Its mentorship and field training programs, as well as its numerous business tools, give new entrepreneurs access to products and services that help them build their dream business.

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Here is a brief overview of the products and strategies featured through the Premier Financial Alliance services.

Business Planning

Premier Financial Alliance is designed to give clients control over their budding business by providing start-up capital to entrepreneurs regardless of prior experience or sparkling corporate resumes. 

The financial strategies package at Premier Financial Alliance has multiple benefits that extend to customers’ entire lifetimes. 

Financial education, training, and leadership programs offered by agents at Premier Financial Alliance help form partnerships with new entrepreneurs and turn them into lifelong associates in their business network.

Mentorsip Program

The Premier Financial Alliance’s Mentorship Program provides its associates with programs that are dedicated to help them build their business.

PFA mitigates some of the financial and logistical risks that come with starting a business, acting as a self-proclaimed safety net for their partners so they can focus on their creative freedom, leadership strategies, and sales tactics without fear of failing because of their record or credentials.

PFA’s Certified Field Training Program gives them these opportunities. Clients will work alongside experienced PFA agents to build their strategies and plan for their future.


Once you become an associate with Premier Financial Alliance, you will have access to their database of clients, from which you will recruit six other agents in order to obtain the necessary license to sell PFA insurance.

Is Premier Financial Alliance a pyramid scheme?

This process of using their dedicated database to sell the job to other agents before selling company insurance is why some career associates have claimed that PFA is a pyramid scheme. 

Both the focus on recruiting agents rather than immediate sales as well as the non-refundable $125 signing fee are red flags for those worried that the insurance vendor they work for is a pyramid scheme. The results of that case are still undetermined.

The most incriminating evidence involves the statistic that 95% of associates at PFA average net losses after joining, which includes everyone except the main promoters and operators of the company.

The Takeaway

Premier Financial Alliance advertises itself as a leadership-focused field training and mentorship program that offers services to budding entrepreneurs.

Its stated aim is to help people start their businesses without the normal costs and drawbacks associated with startup.

However, recent legal developments following a class action suit by several associates has made PFA’s future more uncertain. It may be prudent to wait for the verdict on the company’s policies.


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