Cover - Life Leads Direct Review [For Insurance Agents Only]

Life Leads Direct Review [For Insurance Agents Only]

By David Duford - January 03, 2023 - 5 Mins Read

Since 2003, agents have been using Life Leads Direct to generate high quality insurance leads in real-time.

They don’t rely on contracts or commitments to keep business and offer immediate downloads and 24/7 shopping on their store.

Life Leads Direct are a bargain source for leads that 36,000 agents currently use at no minimums and no obligations.

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About Life Leads Direct

    • Phone: (877) 245-3238

How Life Leads Direct Works

Life Leads Direct offers several types of leads, including:

    • Auto Leads Direct

    • Disability Leads Direct

    • Homeowners Leads Direct

    • Health Leads Direct

    • Mortgage Leads Direct

    • Debt Leads Direct

Breakdown of Life Leads Direct

    • Cost: the base lead price is $25/lead, which is then recalculated based on the lead’s age, the location of the prospect, and the popularity of the area in question. Leads can also be discounted at certain times; at time of writing, the lowest Life Insurance Lead on the site is $6/lead.

    • Lead Generation Strategy: Life Leads Directs sources web sites as well as outside affiliates both by consignment and lead aggregators. All of their leads are generated online.

    • How Long To Fill An Order? They post leads in real time 24/7 and guarantee that no lead is more than 3 days old. They add discounts to leads every 4 hours.

    • Does The Lead Mention Life Insurance? Yes.

    • Info Collected: Name, address, email, physical characteristics, health problems, major medications, insurance type, tobacco use, and other identifying information is collected on the leads sheet.

My Thoughts on Life Leads Direct


Life Leads Direct offers leads that have the potential to be the industry standard for cheapness. Their cherry-picking process allows you to selectively buy leads at auction rate prices.

They also deliver their leads automatically, making them arguably the quickest way to get selected leads of any online service. They boast a 30%-80% reduction on lead prices compared to retail rates.

Their site is not as forthcoming with specific pricing information, but this is partly because their leads are priced by algorithms based on the age, medical condition, and location of the lead.

They offer online tools to generate and shop leads efficiently and don’t worry as much about the agent training side of things like some other lead generators.

Other Benefits

Viewing Leads

With some companies, you don’t know what you’re getting until your batch of leads comes in and there’s usually a minimum on the volume you have to purchase.

With Life Leads Direct, you can use their “cherry picking” system to buy as many or as few leads as you want.

These leads are available to be viewed and bought 24/7 which gives you more control over your specific leads output than you get with most leads providers.

Best of all, as soon as the leads are available, you can download them to your desktop from your free Life Leads Direct account.

ROI Support

Life Leads Direct is big on ROI support, meaning they want to give you leads efficiently in order to increase your return on investment in your area.

They are constantly cycling through new leads on their site at exclusive prices, so you have to be involved in the picking process with the leads you plan to take advantage of.

However, if you do, there are real opportunities for savings, which is easily the best part of using Life Leads Direct.

Want to Work with Life Leads Direct?

If you want to learn more about Life Leads Direct’s products and services, fill out their contact form.

    • Automatic delivery is a huge selling point since leads are available when they’re found and there’s no processing period. Though this means that the lead vetting process isn’t as refined as other lead providers, Life Leads Direct aims to offset that challenge with low prices.

    • Their cherry-picking system allows you to choose the amount of leads you want and the price you pay, freedom you don’t get with any other leads service. Leads go up at auction prices and you buy as many or as few as you need.

    • To encourage your business, Life Leads Direct offers a 20% deposit credit once you sign up for free with them and fund your account.

    • Being able to see your leads 24/7 before you buy them is a major advantage of this lead provider, which works in tandem with their promise of no minimums, commitments, or contracts to make them one of the most convenient lead generators out there.

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