Cover - Everquote Leads Review: For Insurance Agents

Everquote Leads Review: For Insurance Agents

By David Duford - January 03, 2023 - 5 Mins Read

Interested in getting insurance leads?

Thinking of getting leads from Everquote to sell life insurance and other insurance products?

If so, you’ve found the right article!

In today’s write-up, I review EverQuote’s various insurance leads program.

Let’s begin!

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About EverQuote Leads

EverQuote Leads specializes in high-quality insurance consumer leads.

They focus on high-intent clients and on finding consumers for your agency that are looking in-market for auto and life insurance solutions that meet the requests of your business.

When customers request a quote, EverQuote Leads delivers leads to you in real-time as soon as the validity of the prospect is verified.

Contact Information

    • Phone: (844) 707-8800

How It Works

EverQuote Leads sources their leads through EverQuote properties as well as verified partner networks or VPNs.

This network consists of third-party insurance sites that deliver high-value insurance shoppers to EverQuote in real-time.

These leads are generated exclusively for EverQuote and are not resold on other platforms.

EverQuote and its third-party affiliate websites represent the largest online insurance marketplace in the United States.

Customers vetted through the VPN are given questionnaires and other qualifiers to ensure that they are valid customers for EverQuote’s lead generator.

As an insurance agent, it is possible not only to find leads through EverQuote but also to become a part of their VPN. Call them to ask about their customer success team if this interests you.

Types of EverQuote Leads

    • Auto Data Leads

    • Home Data Leads

    • Life Data Leads

    • Auto Warm Transfer Calls

    • Home Warm Transfer Calls

    • Life Warm Transfer Calls

Breakdown of EverQuote Leads

    • Cost: Prices of EverQuote Leads vary depending on the source’s qualifications, which EverQuote records in a prospect profile, as well as on their eligibility for subsidy programs.

    • Lead Generation Strategy: Leads are generated through EverQuote’s site and their call service or sites on their verified VPN

    • How Long To Fill An Order? Quotes are delivered to your computer in real-time as soon as they are gathered

    • Does The Lead Mention Life Insurance? No.

    • Target Age: 20+ is the target age for drivers that qualify for EverQuote insurance, though a non-standard quote may include qualifying people of any age

    • Info Collected: Age, credit score, driving record, home owner’s records, insurance status, driver’s status, and arrest information are all collected

    • Radius: EverQuote targets individual ZIP codes that you provide to find leads in the area you prefer

My Thoughts


EverQuote Leads is a leading provider in auto insurance leads with variable prices depending on the client’s qualifications.

One positive point with Everquote insurance leads is that they are delivered instantly to your computer.

Also, the fact that EverQuote delivers leads that are 100% exclusive is another bonus.

They also have some agent resources available on their site, including an investor white paper, a book titled, “Insurance Agency Hiring: Top Agents Share 10 Tips for Hiring Successful Producers,” a social media playbook, and other lists and materials on a dedicated blog.

They even have case studies by top agents that can give you advice through examples of how to predict and increase your profitable growth using EverQuote leads.

Other Benefits Of EverQuote

In the internet age, one company doing cold calls may not be the most efficient way to get high-intent leads for your agency.

EverQuote Leads takes advantage of other resources like a dedicated VPN to get you high-quality leads. They customize their leads so that no matter how big or small your agency, they can get you leads you can use.

For instance, their premium auto lead vetting system gets you in touch with clients with a focus on homeowners with high credit scores and clean driving records.

You can customize the search area they prospect by ZIP code or allow them to find the ZIP code with the demographics that best align with your ideal customer profile. The fact that they’re willing to work with you is a huge plus.

You can tell them not only the ZIP codes you want them to prospect and the targeted risk profiles that match your ideal customer, but also a daily lead cap to match your business’s capacity and a specific timeframe to deliver your leads to you.

The breakdown of their lead types includes 2-4 types each of auto leads, home leads, warm transfer calls, and the others listed above. Their customer service can help explain the differences between each and match one to your needs.

Leads Are Not Resold

Exclusive leads are essential in this day and age and another positive aspect of EverQuote Leads is that they don’t resell the leads they find for you so you don’t have to worry about competing agents in your area.

Keep in mind that you have to specify that you want the leads to be exclusive. They also offer shared leads between a maximum of 3 agents and only 1 per insurance carrier.

I also like that I can add users from the office to the list of EverQuote Pro accounts who can be called to receive the leads for my agency. You can add as many customer admins as you want and customize their access to the company leads account.

Want to Work With EverQuote Leads?

If you want to learn more about EverQuote Lead’s products and services, fill out their contact form.

    • EverQuote Leads offers exclusive leads when available and a shared leads network through their website’s 800 number and their dedicated VPN partners who vet clients for them and pass the leads on to EverQuote

    • Their leads are customizable based on your target demographic and the size of your agency and can be specified by ZIP code

    • The leads are automatically delivered to your computer for your evaluation

    • Conveniently, you can also add agents within your agency to your EverQuote Leads account to accept the leads for your agency and expedite the process

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