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Consolidated Assurance Agent Career Review

By David Duford - January 03, 2023 - 5 Mins Read

Disclaimer: We are NOT affiliated with Consolidated Assurance Agent Career. This is merely a review of their insurance sales and recruitment system along with our opinions. If you’re here hoping to get a hold of them, contact them through their online form.

Are you thinking of selling insurance as an agent with Consolidated Assurance?

Maybe you’ve got a friend in the business who’s offered to set up an interview or you’ve already spoken to one of their representatives.

Regardless, if this describes you in any way and you’d like to find out the truth about joining Consolidated Assurance, continue reading this unbiased review of how their company works.

Don’t panic if you haven’t been tested for your insurance license yet.

Today, my sole aim is to answer as many of your questions about Consolidated Assurance in a fair and balanced analysis.

Let’s begin.

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About Consolidated Assurance

Consolidated Assurance is an insurance company founded in early 2010. The company has created a niche market in the life insurance industry, serving exclusively first responders.

Consolidated Assurance is headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina, and has 26 employees.

Products Sold And Market Focus

Consolidated Assurance provides military-grade, no exclusion life insurance for the first responders. The agency focuses on serving fire services, law enforcement, correctional officers, and emergency medical services personnel across the country.

The Consolidated Assurance life insurance product is built specifically to protect first responders and their families.

How Leads Work

The company website doesn’t offer any information on how its agents find prospects.

However, if you are a new agent working for Consolidated Assurance, you will most likely have to start by cold calling for prospects or work with friends and family for referrals and sales opportunities.

It’s up to every individual agent to increase their pay portfolio. If sales are high, management will usually provide leads as compensation for your work.

How Getting Paid Works

Consolidated Assurance agents solely serve all first responder agencies within their exclusive territory.

The company’s minimum sales requirement is 70 policies a month, which is considered sufficient to maintain an exclusive territory. Agents who reach this minimum can generate over $125K in annual earnings, with the top 10% annual earning over $300K.

Consolidated Assurance offers enhanced personal commission and bonus opportunities for agents who have worked for them for more than six months. Producers are given ample opportunities to grow and advance to leadership positions.

Moreover, the company heavily invests in agent training. All newly appointed agents are offered an extensive six-week onboarding training to help them launch their business and consolidate everything they need to know to get their agency up and running.

Is It A Scam, MLM, Pyramid Scheme?


Consolidated Assurance is not a scam. It is a legitimate insurance company with a high employee satisfaction rate and excellent financial ratings. It holds a superior A+ rating with BBB.

This is not a multi-level marketing (MLM) business opportunity or pyramid scheme. The company doesn’t have multiple layers of agents, mentors, and trainers and is not suitable for agents who are primarily looking to recruit.


I hope you enjoyed this review on how a career selling insurance with Consolidated Assurance works.

I recommend all agents do their due diligence before joining any insurance agency. And that’s why I’d like you to check out my Free Insurance Agent Resource Guide to help you figure out what insurance sales opportunities best suit you.

If you’d like to find out more about how my agency works, there’s more information on my FAQ page.

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