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How An Insurance Sales Career Works With American Classic Agency

By David Duford - January 03, 2023 - 5 Mins Read

Disclaimer: We are not in any way affiliated with American Classic Agency. In fact, we are a direct competitor of theirs. This article is our personal review of their agent sales career opportunity and our personal opinions of the company. If you are looking to contact American Classic Agency directly, call them at 904-285-4030.

Do you want to learn more about starting a career selling insurance with the American Classic Agency?

If you are trying to decide if working with the American Classic Agency as an insurance sales agent is a good idea, you’ve found the right article.

Let’s jump right in!

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About American Classic Agency

American Classic Agency (ACA) was established in 1995. The company targets Middle American families and business owners and provides life insurance and savings solutions.

It is headquartered in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

Products Sold

American Classic Agency offers final expense insurance, designed to help relieve the policyholder’s family from the financial burden of final expenses like funeral costs, medical bills, or unpaid debts.

They also sell living benefit life insurance, annuity, and senior products such as long term care, and Medicare supplemental insurance.

How selling with American Classic Agency works

American Classic Agency insurance agents focus on house calls.

Agents are provided with all the necessary sales tools and training opportunities in the classroom, in the field, and online so that they can become experts in the company’s product portfolio and sales processes.

In addition, every American Classic Agency agent is given a list of contacts and resources within their partner carriers which ensures an additional level of support.

The company also offers a number of incentives for the employees.

The American Classic Agency agents are given the opportunity to build a team, where they can receive the rewards associated with being a mentor and a manager.

When agents recruit a new person, they receive an override on all of the business that they write. The override equals the difference between their commission level and the commission level of their recruits.

American Classic Agency leads

The company does not explicitly say how its insurance agents find prospects.

Most likely, if you are a new agent appointed with American Classic Agency, you will start by cold calling prospects or work with friends and family for sales opportunities.

If your sales are high, management will provide warm leads as compensation for your work. Sometimes you will have to pay for these leads.

American Classic Agency commissions

Selling with American Classic Agency is based exclusively on commissions, but like most insurance companies, they don’t publish the commissions for agents.

The carrier, however, states that it has competitive benefits and compensation for agents, who get monthly bonuses based on their production and commission earned.

They also have quarterly and annual cash bonus programs, in addition to bonuses that managers receive for their downline activity.

Is American Classic Agency a scam, MLM, or pyramid scheme?


American Classic Agency holds an A+ rating from BBB, although they are not an accredited company.

The carrier has elements of a multi-level marketing (MLM) business with its layers of agents and recruiting system.

My Thoughts

Now that you know a little about how American Classic Agency works, I’d like to share my perspective as a sales insurance agent since 2011.

I’ve owned my agency since 2013 and recruited more than 1,500 people, and there’s one other issue that I think is worth discussing further.

Recruiting Versus Producing – Which Is Most Important To You?

First, coming into this business, you may be unaware of the multi-level marketing or “pyramid scheme” type culture that has infiltrated many organizations.

You see, many of the leaders in these large insurance sales organizations came from the multi-level marketing businesses such as Amway and Herbalife.

Unfortunately, as a result, they bring with them this culture of mass recruitment, where recruits focus solely on recruitment rather than learning the craft of selling insurance.

And in my opinion, this strategy significantly reduces the quality and expertise of agents in the industry. Plus, it minimizes the importance of training agents to be producers.

It is the proverbial race to the bottom. New agents who have no experience and no training start recruiting even newer agents!

To know for sure how American Classic Agency operates, you need to find out whether team leaders or supervisors actively help agents become top producers or whether the focus is predominantly on recruitment strategies.

Here’s how you do this!

Simply attend a group opportunity overview and listen to what is being presented.

Do they talk about hands-on quality training and team-building exercises?

Or do they shout about Rolexes, Ferraris, and fat stacks of CASH?!

If it’s the latter, then it’s likely that you’re dealing with a multi-level marketing-focused company. And if you’re not into that sort of thing, run as fast as you can in the other direction!


I hope you enjoyed this article and now understand a little more about how an insurance sales career at the American Classic Agency works.

I train new and experienced agents to become top producing agents in final expense, Medicare Advantage, and annuity sales.

If you’d like more information about how my organization works, click the link here.

Make sure to also check out my agent success stories as well as my best selling insurance sales books.

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