Lead Guru Review

Are you thinking about buying final expense leads from The Lead Guru?

If you sell final expense, and you’re looking for a good source of final expense leads,you’ll definitely want to check out my review on The Lead Guru.

We’ll discuss the following:

  • About
  • Types Of Leads
  • Bad Lead Policy
  • What Leads Say
  • My Thoughts
  • About Lead Guru

    Owner: Jeremy Kovatana

    Website: www.getinsuranceleads.iowww.GetFEXLeads.com

    Contact: 208-918-3881

    Email: [email protected]

    Types Of Leads Available

    Local Facebook Leads – → One Time Order

    • Price: $22-$30 per lead, depending on state
    • Target Age: 55-79
    • Radius: 20-40 miles
    • Information Requested: Favorite Hobby, Name, Phone, Address, Age, Email
    • Calendar: scheduled availability included
    • Lead Distribution: via Google Sheets, updated in real-time

    Local Facebook Leads – ⟳ Recurring Order

    • Everything identical to the Local One Time Order Option
    • 3-week minimum commitment, with a 2-week cancellation notice
    • Discounted Price: up to $22 per lead nationwide

    Statewide/Multi-State Facebook Leads

    • Price: $12/lead
    • Identical to the Local Facebook Leads Single Order

    Build Your Own Lead (BYOL) Program

    • Price: starts at $18 per lead
    • Benefits: You can customize your Facebook lead however you want, with whatever information you’d like. This will increase the price.

    The Lead Gurus’ Bad Lead Policy

    The lead gurus will replace leads delivered that don’t match criteria stated above.

    For example, if the lead is:

    •  Out-of-area,
    •  Disconnected number,
    •  Bad address or out of the age range

    What Does The Lead Gurus’ Lead Say?

    While there is no sample advertisements shared, Jeremy states on his website that all Facebook leads mention:

    • Life Insurance
    • Cost, and
    • Get Quote
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    My Thoughts

    While none of my agents in my national agency have used The Lead Gurus’ leads, overall they sound like a good source of leads.

    Ultimately, you’ll have to test them to see if they work well for you.

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