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Affiliate Marketing/Sponsor Partnership With Duford Insurance Group!

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Duford Insurance Group is actively seeking affiliate partnerships and branding sponsors with businesses seeking to increase sales to insurance agents!

If you sell any of the following:

  1. Sales Courses For Specific Insurance Products
  2. Virtual & In-Person Conferences & Trainings
  3. Insurance Marketing/Lead Generation Courses
  4. High-Ticket Coaching
  5. YouTube/Social/Branding Promotion For Products, Carriers, IMOs, etc…

…Then your product or service may be a perfect match for our sponsorship program!

Here are some of the results we’ve gotten for our affiliate partners within the past 12 months:

  1. Generated 350 qualfied leads in just 1 week for a live-transfer vendor retailing their system at $5000/month.
  2. Closed $50,000 in revenue over 2 week-long promotions for a Facebook marketing course priced at $997.
  3. Created over $180,000 in revenue over a 2 week-long promotion for a sales and marketing course priced at $1997.
  4. Helped kickstart and generate high levels of views and traffic for 3 insurance sales-based channels, all of which now create a consistent influx of agent leads on a regular basis.

We also have many other campaigns where we’ve routinely generated $30,000 to $50,000 per promotion for a variety of courses, coaching, and lead marketing courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for affiliate services?

It totally depends on the nature of your offer. Once we take a look at what you’re wanting to accomplish, we’ll tell you how we’ll structure the pricing.

I’m an experienced pro in my niche and have a product/service idea – can you help me offer it to your list?

Maybe! You’re idea may or may not make sense for our affiliate program, but we’ll listen and tell you what we think. We’ve had several product/service concepts over the years we helped craft and offer to our list with profitable results, so we’re open-minded to helping you create and sell your idea if we think it’s a good one.

How does your promotional efforts work?

We have several different methodologies in our package that involve one or more of the following:

  1. Feature On David Duford’s YouTube Channel (Either a stand-alone feature video or multi-video sponsorship)
  2. Special Email Promotion
  3. Feature In David’s 3,000+ insurance agent private forum.

If necessary, we’ll design your branding, landing page to drive traffic to, and do all the work necessary to build the sales funnel. You literally have to do nothing but offer a great product or service =)

I’m a competing agency/IMO or offer products/service potentially in competition with you. Will you still consider working with me?

Usually the answer is yes, but it depends on your product/service. Once we have a better idea of what you’re looking to accomplish, we’ll tell you if it makes sense or not.

Are there any products or services that would NOT make sense for DIG to promote?

Yes! We’ve tested a variety of products and here’s a few we’re not interested in promoting:

  1. Low Ticket Offers. Low-ticket offers do not peform well and profit enough for our interest in most circumstances. We like services and products around the $1000 and up range.
  2. CRMs. Stand-alone CRMs without another add on product/service pay little profit and have very high attrition rates. If you couple the CRM with a higher-ticket course, this can be a great combination.
  3. High-Ticket Offers With No Closers. While we LOVE helping vendors sell high-ticket, if you don’t have closers for products beyond $2000 to $2500, usually the juice isn’t worth the squeeze, as we’ll send you a bunch of leads and you won’t have the ability to close.

I’m not sure if my idea is a good fit even after reading the FAQ above. What should I do?

Just send us a message below and give us some insight into your idea and we’ll tell you if it makes sense or not.

I like what I hear so far. What’s the next step?

Fill out the application form below entirely. Make sure to describe in detail your product and service, including pricing, results achieved for your clients, and include accompanying information like websites, Facebook pages, etc., that feature your program/service.

Keep in mind that this is an *application form* so if you provide too little information on what you do, we’ll pass you up. So please be detailed in your application below =).