Cover - NAILBA Review: What Agents Need to Know

NAILBA Review: What Agents Need to Know

By David Duford - January 03, 2023 - 5 Mins Read

NAILBA stands for the National Association of Independent Life Brokerage Agencies.

The organization prides itself on being the “voice of independent brokerage distribution.”

All agents should know a few things about NAILBA, from what it does to why you should consider joining.

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NAILBA is a trade association for the financial and insurance services marketplace, and it promotes consumer choice and financial security.

This is done via independent brokerage distribution channels of a wholesale nature.

The organization has more than 300 independent brokerage agencies as members. These agencies total around 10,000 members, which together generate annualized premiums of more than $20 billion.

What They Do

On a broad level, NAILBA advocates for insurance distributors while also promoting the previously mentioned financial security and consumer choice.

The organization supports independent brokers and agents while also serving as a resource for those agents. It compiles industry news and professional development in one convenient space.

One key event from NAILBA is the annual meeting, which has been happening for almost 40 years.

The meeting is known for attracting independent brokers, brokerage general agencies, C-suite executives, and various professionals from leading financial institutions, insurance carriers and the supporting services, and technical companies. This event involves networking and learning.

What They Offer Agents

Members of NAILBA receive access to a range of resources, tools, and events, including the annual meeting.

Resources and Tools

NAILBA offers member agents unlimited access to a vast network of resources, including whitepapers, best practices, research reports, and more.

The members-only content and resources include hundreds of research pieces and articles arranged by topic. An archive is also in development.

The e-newsletter features in-depth content related to the latest developments in fixed annuities, life brokerage, NAILBA, and more.

Agents also receive Perspectives, the organization’s publication used by key decision-makers in the industry.

NAILBA University offers professional development via the Agent Training Series, Agency Practices Workbook, BGA Contracts Manual, Attending Physician Study, BGA Employee Training Series, Recruitment Practices Workbook, Field Underwriting Guide, and Brokerage Desk Reference.

There are also free educational webinars each quarter of a legal nature, each led by an attorney from Norris McLaughlin & Marcus.

The webinars feature a presentation as well as a Q&A with attorneys specializing in your practice area, which can save you time and money.

Networking Opportunities


There is a wealth of networking opportunities as a member of NAILBA, both in-person and online.

In addition to the annual meeting, the NAILBA Network exists, letting members ask questions specific to their industry and get answers from around the country.

There are also numerous opportunities for serving on committees and participating in advocacy. You can also join the Preferred Partners Network for additional support.

Assistance With Growth Via Tools And Opportunities

NAILBA offers members a range of opportunities, services, and products at discounts to help their career grow.

These include discounts for Errors & Omission Insurance, Constant Contact email marketing, UPS, Brokerage Agency Cyber Coverage, Lenovo, Agent Recruiting Network, National Purchasing Partners, Brooks Brothers, Hertz, the American College of Financial Services, Ruby Receptionist, InsMark, and StickyClient video messaging.

Why An Agent Should Consider Joining

Agents should consider joining NAILBA for the range of resources, networking opportunities, and discounts that the organization offers.

It provides you with unique opportunities and is a small investment in your future opportunities.

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