Cover - Main Street Power Mail [Good or Bad Insurance Leads?]

Main Street Power Mail [Good or Bad Insurance Leads?]

By David Duford - January 03, 2023 - 5 Mins Read

You are probably here today because you are looking for a vendor of final expense leads such as Main Street Power Mail.

This is the right article for you!

Below, I review Main Street Power Mail to help you decide if this company is a good fit for your business.

Ready to learn more? Let’s get started.

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About Main Street Power Mail

MS Power Mail is a lead vendor with a focus on the senior market.

Here’s how you can reach MS Power Mail:

    • Phone: 866-540-6797

    • Email: marketing@mspowermail.com

Owner of Main Street Power Mail

The owner of Main Street Power Mail is Kyle Malott.

Types of Leads Offered

MS Power Mail provides several different types of leads:

    • Final expense leads

    • Medicare Supplement leads

    • Medicare Advantage leads

    • Turning 65 leads

    • Special Needs Plans leads, and

    • Mortgage protection leads.

They offer direct mail leads and online leads. You can order leads by phone, e-mail, or fax.

How Main Street Power Mail Works


MS Power Mail offers a variety of mailers for their direct mail leads. You can choose the one with the best message for your product, the zip codes you want to work with, and the demographics you want to target.

Alternatively, you can create your own mailers. The one-time setup fee of $100.

MS Power Mail processes the data, prints, and mails the cards for you. Once they receive the replies, they email you the information and deposit the leads into your Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) system as they are received.

For standard mail orders, leads typically come back within 2-3 weeks and double postcards 1-2 weeks from the order date.

The MS Power Mail comprehensive Lead Management System allows agents to:

    • Add, view, and edit leads

    • Make lead notes

    • Maintain appointment calendars

    • Run online data counts

    • Email leads directly from the dashboard.

The MS Power Mail interactive Neighborhood Mapping is another tool available as part of the Lead Management System. It shows all the prospects you mailed in the area, allows you to keep track and stay in touch with current clients, as well as ask for referrals for neighbors during an appointment.

Main Street Power Mail Lead Prices

For information on lead prices, contact MS Power Mail.

You should keep in mind that they don’t have fixed-price options and volume discounts.

My Thoughts On Main Street Power Mail

Main Street Power Mail does a good job when it comes to creating high-quality final expense leads. Many of my agents have used their leads and they have seen substantial success.

Please note that I  only give my endorsement to lead vendors who deliver on what they promise and that I make NOTHING from endorsing Main Street Power Mail.

Want To Join David Duford’s Agency And Work Main Street Power Mail?

If you’d like to have more information about David Duford’s Agency, feel free to reach out here.

We offer many benefits to new and experienced final expense agents, including:

    • Top contracts. David Duford recruits and operates at FMO/IMO so that he can offer the highest commission levels to agents and agencies.

    • Affordable, high-quality programs for direct mail, Facebook, and telemarketing leads. Please note that David doesn’t profit from the sale of leads, but only refers you to the best sources.

    • An endless supply of top-notch prospecting and sales training, including additional training and support for agents who are interested in cross-selling Medicare Advantage, annuities, or growing their own insurance agency.

    • Weekly sales training calls and ride-along training opportunities with David and his team.

    • Direct phone or text access to David regarding placement and sales questions (yes, David answers his own phone =).

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