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Gametime Leads Review

By David Duford - January 03, 2023 - 5 Mins Read

Are you interested in getting a review of GameTime Leads?

If you’re looking for a vendor for final expense leads and considering GameTime Leads, you’re at the right article.

Below, I review how Gametime leads works so you can determine if they’re a good fit for your final expense sales business.

Let’s get started!

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About Gametime Leads

Here’s how to reach Gametime leads:

    • Phone: 336.278.1882

Owner of Gametimeleads.com

Andrew Pryor is the owner of Game Time Leads.

He has significant experience selling final expense insurance and mortgage protection, as well as advanced life insurance products.

How Gametime Leads Works


Gametime leads offers 3 different types of the lead programs:

    • Final expense face-to-face leads

    • Final expense statewide leads, and

    • Non-med term virtual leads

Let’s describe how each type of lead works.

Local Gametime Final Expense Leads

    • Cost: $20-$26 (depends on state and type of lead)

    • Lead Generation Strategy: Landing page lead originating from Facebook ad

    • How Long To Fill An Order? 24-48 hours to *completely* fill most orders, although larger orders may take longer.

    • Does The Lead Mention Life Insurance? YES.

    • Info Collected? Current coverage, How much coverage they want, desired beneficiary, physical address to door knock

    • Target Ages: 55-85

    • Radius Target: 30 miles around your desired city

    • Sample Lead Below:

Statewide Gametime Final Expense Leads

    • Cost: $12/lead

    • Lead Generation: Landing page lead originating from Facebook

    • How Long To Fill An Order? 24-48 hours to *completely* fill most orders.

    • Does The Lead Mention “Life Insurance”? YES.

    • Info Collected? Same as above, but INSTEAD of the physical address, you get an email address.

    • Target Ages: 55-85

    • Sample Lead? See lead sample above.

    • Note: These are meant for agents selling final expense by phone, explaining why you don’t receive a physical address. Also, these are statewide leads, so you MUST take leads WHEREVER generated in the state.

Non-Med Gametime Term Virtual Leads

    • Cost: $25/lead

    • Lead Generation: Landing page lead originating from Facebook

    • Fill Time? 24-48 hours to completely fill *most* orders.

    • Face-To-Face Or Telesales? These are telesales leads ONLY. No physical address is captured.

    • Sample Lead Below:

My Thoughts On Gametimeleads.com

Bottom line, Andrew does a fantastic job creating a high-quality Facebook final expense lead.

I’ve had enough agents of mine see substantial success working Andrew’s leads that I left an endorsement you can find on his site.

Please note that I make NOTHING from endorsing Andrew, and only give my endorsement when I find quality people who deliver on what they say.

Why Do I Like Gametimeleads.com So Much?

Fast fill time

I’ve seen some vendors take 1 to 2 weeks to complete a campaign.

Typically, it’s because the vendor takes more orders than it can handle, slowing down your fulfillment time.

I can’t remember one time where an agent of mine complained Gametime Leads took too long to complete an order.


The one thing that irks me about most Facebook leads is that they are *too* easy to complete.

The best leads like direct mail final expense leads create more engagement with the prospect, increasing recall and interest rates.

But most Facebook leads are super-simple “point-and-click” style leads with little quality.

Not Andrew’s leads.

He drives his prospects to a seperate landing page, where the prospect is required to manually fill out the information form.

This increases intent more than the average Facebook final expense lead, meaning quality of response is better than most Facebook leads.

Telesales Or Face-To-Face Friendly

Gametimeleads’ 2 purchase options allow either agents selling face-to-face or over the phone solid lead options at reasonable prices

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