Cover - VanillaSoft Review [CRM & Outbound Dialer]

VanillaSoft Review [CRM & Outbound Dialer]

By David Duford - January 03, 2023 - 5 Mins Read

Thinking about getting an outbound dialer and CRM for your sales business and considering Vanillasoft?

If so, you’ve found the right article!

In this article I’ll review how VanillaSoft works in detail, so you can determine if what they offer is a good fit for your goals.

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About Vanilla Soft

VanillaSoft is a cloud-based auto dialer sales management solution. The software is designed for telemarketing companies and home agents. It combines CRM, lead management, and telemarketing features.

Contrary to other sales CRMs that mostly focus on the account management and administrative part of sales, VanillaSoft integrates email marketing, auto dialing, call recording, queue-based lead routing, VoIP, and SmartCaller ID, all of which allow agents to optimize their sales processes, improve productivity, and boost sales.

How It Works


To set up a VanillaSoft auto dialer, you need a desktop computer, the auto dialer software, modem, phone connection with Internet facility, headset, and microphone.

VanillaSoft can be used for cold calling, setting appointments, pursuing hot leads, handling multiple sales teams, and selling services and products by phone.

You can enter the list of your contacts into the software and call them when required. Auto dialing and queue-based routing functions allow you to make even more calls.

As soon as you have finished speaking to a customer, the next number is dialed automatically, minimizing the time between two calls.

The dialer also has the ability to recognize between a machine and human voice.

In addition, the solution provides email templates that are predefined by management.

Sending automated emails helps cut down on time spent in replying to each client individually when you need to answer simple questions or queries.

You can also send automated email messages to your contacts to remind them of appointments with your company.

Major Features

VanillaSoft CRM offers a number of powerful features:

    • The software is very easy to set up.

    • The interface is user friendly and simple to use.

    • The real-time dashboard management allows easy access to call data, campaign statistics, and lead generation that helps streamline the process and improve performance.

    • Custom-made email templates.

    • Customizable workflows.

    • Customized web reporting.

    • Advanced search functions.

    • Calls can be recorded for training purposes.

    • Telephony add-ons include VoIP and SmartCaller ID that displays a caller ID with the local number. The add-ons can be purchased separately and easily integrated with the core platform.


    • There is no mobile app.

    • High price.

    • Overall esthetics could be improved.


VanillaSoft Sales CRM has the following pricing options:

    • Base Sales CRM Platform: $80/user/month

    • Dialing: $30/user/month

    • Recording: $30/user/month

For all options, the first user costs $100. There is a 35% discount on products if paid annually.

    • VoIP: $30/user/month + USF taxes

    • SmartCaller ID: $2/area code/month (minimum 6 area codes, with 20+ codes)

VanillaSoft offers a fifteen-day free trial for new users.

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