Cover - United Home Life Final Expense Review [For Agents Only]

United Home Life Final Expense Review [For Agents Only]

By David Duford - January 03, 2023 - 5 Mins Read

Are you a final expense agent interested in adding United Home Life’s Simplified Issue Whole Life final expense product to your final expense carriers line-up?

Do you want a “No BS” overview on United Home Life’s final expense product from a field-tested agent?

If so, you have found the right article!

I’ll be discussing at length how United Home Life’s final expense product stacks up, why final expense agents should consider it, and give you my opinion on its pros and cons as a producing agent selling final expense.

NOTE: If you are a consumer looking for information on buying a United Home Life final expense plan, you can learn more about the company and product here.

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Overview Of United Home Life

Application Type: Paper or Electronic Application
Agent Support Hotline: Home Office: 800-428-3001 (Monday-Friday 8AM-6:30PM EST).
Point Of Sale Interview Required? Yes. Interview hotline is 866-333-6557, Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 8:30 p.m EST. This gives a “tentative” decision on approval, which may be subject to change.
State Availability: Review state availability here.
Paper Application Submission: E-app is submitted electronically. Fax paper application to 317-692-7711
Average Policy Issue Turnaround Time: 24-48 hours
Commission Payout: On first draft
Can You Sell Over The Phone? YES!
Advancing Available? Yes – 9 months advance for those that qualify.
Pays Commission On Policy Fee? Yes
Age Rating: Age based on application date
Chargebacks On Death: For the Express Issue Whole Life product line, 100% chargeback if Insured dies during Policy Year 1. For the Guaranteed Issue Whole Life product series, 100% chargeback if Insured dies during policy year 1, then 50% chargeback of both first year and renewal commissions earned if Insured dies during policy year 2, and no chargeback of earned commissions if Insured’s death is due to accidental causes.
Chargebacks On Lapses: Prorated. Keep what you earn and payback any unearned commissions.
Underwriting Overview: MIB, Rx Check
Agent Guide: Download here
Requires E&O? No
Acceptable Payment Methods? Bank account drafts only
Basic Plan Details Breakdown:

    • Express Issue Whole Life (graded death benefit for the first 2 years)
        • Year 1: benefit payable equals refund of premium plus 12% interest.

        • Year 2: benefit payable equals refund of premium plus 24% interest.

        • Full death benefit payable if death occurs due to accidental causes in the first two policy years

        • Issue Ages: 25-80

        • Face Amount Range: $5,000 to $25,000

    • Express Issue Deluxe (level coverage product from first policy date for natural and accidental death)
        • Issue Ages: 20-80

        • Face Amount Range: $5,000 to $50,000

    • Express Issue Premier (UHL’s best priced simplified issue whole life product with level coverage from first policy date for natural and accidental death
        • Issue Ages: 20-80

        • Face Amount Range: $5,000 to $100,000 (ages 0-60), $5,000 to $50,000 (ages 61-80)

Available Riders:

    • Express Issue Whole Life (for face amounts of $10,000 or more): Identity Theft Waiver of Premium Rider, Hospital Stay Waiver of Premium Rider, Common Carrier Accidental Death Benefit Rider

    • Express Issue Deluxe and Express Issue Premier Riders: Child Rider, Accidental Death Benefit, No-Cost Terminal Illness Accelerated Benefit Rider

    • For a detailed explanation of available riders, download this 1-page overview here.

Cover Foreign Nationals?  Applications accepted on individuals who are not naturalized US citizens provided they are here legally and on a permanent basis. Must possess a social security number, a valid Visa or Green Card, and have resided in the US for the past two years.
Height-Weight Chart? Download here
Sample Final Expense Application: Download here
Rate Guide: Download here (scroll down to find rate tables by age and face amount)
Underwriting And Product Advantages:

    • Express Issue Whole Life (2-year return of premium product) pays your FULL commission (no haircuts).

    • Younger age availability than many other products, including the 2-year return of premium product. Perfect for the younger, less healthy final expense prospect that otherwise is not old enough to qualify with other carriers.

    • Large face amounts maximums available for Premier (0-60 = $100,000 and 61-80 = $50,000), Deluxe (20-80 = $50,000), and Express Issue (25-80 = $25,000). Helpful when you’re writing that occasional “elephant” case and need more coverage availability.

    • 2-year return of premium product is a good substitute to send your typically near- or true guaranteed issue prospects to if they qualify.

    • Insulin-friendly: Deluxe rates available for insulin users who started at any age, no matter how many units used.

    • Systemic Lupus (SLE) may qualify for Deluxe coverage.

Final Expense Application Health Questions


Below you’ll find the list of health questions the client must answer to potentially qualify for the Express Issue simplified issue whole life product.

If you’d prefer to download a sample application to review the questions on your own, you can do so by clicking here.

Medical Questions

If the plan selected in Section 4 is the Guaranteed Issue Whole Life, the Proposed Insured should not answer the health questions below.

Part A – Express Issue Whole Life – Complete Part A Only

If any question in Part A is answered “Yes”, the Proposed Insured is not eligible for the Express Issue Whole Life.

A. Do you currently receive kidney dialysis or require oxygen use or have you received or been told that you need an organ transplant or have you been diagnosed as having a terminal illness? (Terminal illness is defined as any illness diagnosed that would reasonably be expected to cause death within twenty-four (24) months.)
B. Do you require assistance to feed, bathe, dress, or take your own medication or are you currently confined to a hospital, nursing home, mental facility, hospice, or require home health nursing care?
C. Have you ever tested positive for the AIDS virus or been diagnosed or treated, or recommended for treatment for AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), ARC (AIDS Related Complex), or any other immune disorder?
D. In the past twelve (12) months:
1. Other than for temporary or minor conditions, have you been hospitalized two or more times?
2. Other than preventative, maintenance, or risk lowering medications prescribed, have you been treated for or diagnosed with any cancer (other than Basal Cell skin cancer), heart attack, stroke, or had heart surgery (including angioplasty)?
3. Have you used any illegal drugs, been treated for or advised to have treatment for drug abuse?

Part B – Express Issue Deluxe – Complete Parts A & B Only

If any question in Part B is answered “yes”, the Proposed Insured is not eligible for the Express Issue Deluxe. Submit the case as Express Issue Whole Life.

A. In the past 2 years:
1. Have you been diagnosed or treated for, or are you currently under treatment for:
a. Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia?
b. Any form of Cancer (other than Basal Cell skin cancer) or Brain Tumor?
c. Other than preventative, maintenance, or risk lowering medications prescribed, have you been diagnosed or treated for Heart or Circulatory Disorder (except controlled hypertension) or Stroke?
d. Had surgery for any Heart Disorder (including angioplasty) or Circulatory Disorder (expect varicose veins)?
e. Sickle Cell Anemia or Kidney Disease (including dialysis, nephropathy) or Liver Disease (including hepatitis B & C)?
f. Lung Disease (except controlled, mild asthma not requiring any hospitalization in the past 2 years)?
g. ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) or Neurological disorders (including neuropathy, excluding controlled seizure disorder with no seizures in the past 2 years)?
2. Have you been advised by a medical professional to have any tests, surgery, treatment, or further medical evaluation that have not been performed or do you have any medical test results pending?
3. Have you excessively used, been treated for, or been advised to have treatment for alcohol or drug abuse?
B. In the past 10 years have you been convicted of a felony or currently have pending charges for a felony; or currently on parole from a felony conviction?

Part C – Express Issue Premier – Complete Parts A, B, & C

If any question in Part C is answered “Yes”, the Proposed Insured is not eligible for Express Issue Premier. Submit the case as Express Issue Deluxe.

A. In the past 2 years:
1. Have you been diagnosed or treated for, or are you currently under treatment for:
a. Schizophrenia or Bipolar Disorder?
b. Diabetes requiring insulin treatment?
c. SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus)?
2. Have you been convicted of operating a vehicle while intoxicated, or had your driver’s license suspended or revoked?
3. Have you been declined or postponed for Life Insurance?
B. If under age 65, are you currently disabled, or been disabled in the last six months or at any time during the last six months received any disability compensation or been mentally or physically unable to complete 30 hours per week of active employment?
C. Do you now participate in, or do you have plans to participate in any hazardous sport of aviation?


Below you’ll find rate charts for the Express Issue Whole Life product line *only*.

I did not include charts for the other variations of the Express Issue product line as I instruct agents to qualify their clients with the EIWL product when possible, and typically do not use the other product variants all that much.

However, if you’d like to price out other product versions, you can do so by following the link here.

NOTE: Please use the navigation buttons at the bottom of each chart to page through the age ranges available (25-80) in order to see corresponding premium rates for each face amount.

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[table id=38 /]

[table id=41 /]

[table id=42 /]

Reasons To Sell United Home Life’s Simplified Issue Whole Life Product


As an agency owner and trainer of new and experienced agents since 2013, I am always on the lookout for carriers that enhance the product offerings for agents.

Bottom line, I want my agents writing and keeping MORE business, and certain carriers can play an especially important role in doing so.

United Home Life offers a great niche product in its Express Issue Whole Life (EIWL) product, and I will spend my time describing why agents should consider using this product.

Express Issue Whole Life Advantages

The Express Issue Whole Life product can cover a variety of prospects who would otherwise qualify for guaranteed issue coverage, but with better terms to the client, and a better pay to the agent.

Here’s what I mean…

Higher ROP Interest Rate

First, EIWL’s return of premium guidelines are 12% interest on premium returned in Year 1, 24% interest on premium returned Year 2, and full death benefit coverage in Year 3 and beyond.

Most guaranteed issue products only pay out 10%, so there is a definite improvement in the death benefit payout in the first 2 years.

No Commission Haircut

Second, the EIWL product pays your FULL commission, WITHOUT haircuts.

Most carriers that offer a Modified/Return of Premium product like United Home Life cut commission drastically.

It is common to see agent commissions at HALF of what their commission is for Preferred business.

I always thought this was nuts.

While commission isn’t everything, a significant reduction in commission, spread out multiple times a year writing that particular product, can account for thousands of dollars in net income difference.

This especially adds up as a new agent, as every dollar of commission is so important in paying your lead bills, etc.

The EIWL product does not cut your commission at any age. Very nice!

Young Age Availability

Third, the EIWL product has a wider age range than most Modified/Return of Premium products, starting coverage availability at age 25.

Good Rates

While United Home Life’s EIWL product won’t beat a lot of true guaranteed issue rates, it still is competitively priced, and much better priced than competing Modified/Return of Premium options available to final expense agents.

Underwriting Flexibility

The EIWL’s limited health questions allows agents to place normally guaranteed issue business with ease.

You’ll be able to write prospects with the EIWL product with the following health conditions:

    • Congestive Heart Failure

    • Heart/Cancer issues within the past 1 to 2 years.

    • Combination health issues that preclude coverage with carriers offering Standard ratings.

Deluxe And Premier Products – Is There A Problem?


As I referenced in the Rates section above, I really don’t spend much time writing the other United Home Life final expense product variations.

I’ve always found other products to satisfy my healthier clientele at good rates.

It’s not that United Home Life’s Deluxe and Premier products are bad.

If you check rates, they are fine.

Underwriting is decent besides a few factors like restricting those receiving disability to Deluxe rates only.

I do wish United Home Life offered a prescription drug guide to help underwrite clients more accurately, and offered an instant-decision e-app process.


United Home Life has a great niche product for many of your cases that are otherwise ineligible elsewhere.

The Express Issue Whole Life product is competitively priced, offers generous age range availability, and pays full commission without haircuts.

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