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The DIG Road Show in Nashville is a special event for people who want to master the art and science of selling final expense insurance. You can either come in person for free or pay a small amount to attend online.

Benefis Of The DIG Road Show

  1. You’ll get excellent training from experienced teachers on how to sell final expense insurance successfully either over the phone or face-to-face.
  2. You’ll learn about the best leads to find customers and the best insurance companies to work with.
  3. We’ll teach you how to get more people to answer the phone and open the door when you visit them.
  4. You’ll learn a special script to convince even strangers to buy insurance from you, whether you meet them in person or talk to them on the phone.
  5. We’ll show you how to handle objections (when people say “no”) so you can make more money.

Who Should Attend This Event?

  • If you want to become a final expense insurance agent, this is a great chance to learn what it takes to be successful. You can meet other agents, including experienced ones, and get advice on how to become a top insurance seller.
  • If you’re a new agent who just started, you’ll receive detailed training that will help you succeed. We’re here to give you practical skills, not hype.
  • If you’re already selling final expense insurance but not getting the results you want, you might need a breakthrough. Our training can help you find and fix your mistakes.
  • Even experienced agents can benefit from our event. Sometimes, just one good idea can take your business to the next level.

NOTE: This event is open to ALL agents!

Who Should Not Attend?

  • If you’re looking for a motivational pep talk with no real substance, this event is not for you. We’re here to teach you practical skills to make money.
  • The best part is that it’s free to attend in person. We do ask for a $49 deposit to reserve your spot, but we’ll give it back to you after the event. Tickets for virtual attendees are $99 and are not refundable.

Here Are Some Bonuses

  • You’ll also get huge discounts on leads and a chance to win up to $2000 in free courses and services if you attend in person.
  • The event is on Wednesday, October 4th, at 9 AM Central Time at the Doubletree in Murfreesboro.

There’s an extra bonus: Ride-Along Trainings!

The day before the DIG Agency Roadshow, some DIG agents will take other agents into the field to show them how to sell final expense insurance successfully. There are limited spots available, so if you’re interested, please contact us.

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Hurry up because we’re only allowing 50 people to attend in person. Smaller groups mean a better, more personalized experience for everyone!


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