Cover - Here’s Why Pre-Set Final Expense Appointments SUCK

Here’s Why Pre-Set Final Expense Appointments SUCK

By David Duford - January 02, 2023 - 5 Mins Read

Imagine a world where you wouldn’t have to buy final expense leads to set appointments and door knock them, and instead purchased pre-set final expense appointments.

You’d simply show up to people throwing their checkbook at you, ready to buy

Sounds great, right?

Too bad it doesn’t exist.

The truth is it doesn’t happen like that.

In final expense sales, we have to work HARD in order to make an income.

Pre Set Final Expense Appointments Are A Giant Waste Of Money


Because what they make money off of is just setting the pre set final expense appointments.

That doesn’t mean that the person’s going to keep the appointment. And then you show up and you don’t have a sale.

Hell, you don’t even have a presentation!

In fact, many times you’ll show up and they’ll say:

  • “Look Mr. Duford, you come to my door, I told the person on the phone I had insurance,” or,
  • “I told the person I’m going to be busy, call back another time.”

What To Do Instead

Instead of preset final expense appointments, what you want to do is buy actual final expense leads.

For example, I like the following final expense leads:

Also worth considering are final expense aged leads.

If you need help finding leads, if you’re questioning about which direct mail leads are the best or which avatar or telemarketing leads are the best, you’re welcome to leave a comment down here at the bottom.

I reply to every single comment I get in detail. I have a passion for helping people because a lot of people get screwed in this business the longer I recruit and the longer I train agents– it’s amazing.

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So anything I can do to help build my treasure in heaven, as they say!

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