Cover - Integrity Marketing Group Review

Integrity Marketing Group Review

By David Duford - January 03, 2023 - 5 Mins Read

Who is Integrity Marketing Group?

Founded in 2006 by Bryan Adams, Mike Wingate, and Tom Schueth, Integrity Marketing Group is one of the nation’s largest independent marketing organizations.

Together with their insurance carrier partners, Integrity Marketing Group develops and distributes life insurance and health insurance products.

The group targets the senior market through more than 275,000 independent agents who service over 5 million customers annually.

The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and has 67 offices throughout the country.

What makes Integrity Marketing Group stand out among competitors?


One of the main aspects that sets Integrity Marketing Group apart from their competitors is their clarity of focus on the senior market.

Their objectives and strategies are clearly defined on all levels of the organization, from the board to the individual employees.

The company requires that each one of their partners align with their values and objectives.

They work exclusively with insurance companies that develop products for senior customers.

The Integrity Marketing Group insurance agents across the country are dedicated to helping clients find individual solutions and the best products to fit their needs.

At the same time, they are not only concentrating their efforts on the outcome but also on creating a world-class business. The group makes it a priority to invest in the latest technology and hire the top executive talent and best sales representatives.

Why do agencies sell to Integrity Marketing Group?

Integrity Marketing Group’s expertise in the senior market allows them to partner with some of the largest insurance carriers in the nation.

With dozens of new acquisitions every year, Integrity is expanding at a fast rate. Their latest partnerships include Agent Force, Heartland Retirement Group, and New Horizons Insurance Marketing.

Integrity Marketing Group is considered as one of the icons of the industry and serves as the marketing resource for many large insurance companies who see numerous advantages in these partnerships.

Entrepreneurs realize that joining Integrity Marketing Group will supply all the necessary resources they need to grow and diversify their business.

Integrity provides access to a wide range of products using industry-leading sales tools and technology that companies would have difficulties obtaining on their own.

They can gain increased resourcing in compliance, human resources, social media, and marketing and expand faster on the combined platform than they would on their own.

One of the valuable benefits that come with an Integrity partnership is access to their Employee Ownership Program, where all employees are eligible for meaningful company ownership.

What is the long-term goal of Integrity Marketing Group?

With the senior market inherently increasing by 8% a year, Integrity Marketing Group’s goal is to continue growing their presence in the domain of final expense and living benefits and be able to provide even more Americans with life and health insurance coverage.

The group is constantly looking for opportunities and improvements in their products and infrastructure while still being profitable.

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