Make Money Guarantee With Duford Insurance Group | Overview

In exchange for partaking in the Duford Insurance Group’s Make Money Guarantee program, each agent is required to implement specific activities to maximize their chances of success.

What follows below is a breakdown on expectations for Broker agents and Career agents.

1) The Make Money Guarantee is ONLY available to full-time agents. We do NOT offer the Make Money Guarantee to part-time agents.

2) The full-time agent MUST do and document all of the following within the first 5 business days of requesting carrier appointments:

A) Commit and attend ten 1-on-1 coaching calls with your assigned mentor.
B) Record and submit 20 fully-completed mock presentations to your assigned trainer.
C) For Face-To-Face: Record and submit 30 completed door knock recordings to your assigned trainer
D) Invest a minimum of $1250 into fresh and exclusive leads from one of our preferred lead vendors and submit a purchase receipt to your assigned mentor.

3) The full-time agent must do and document all of the following between 6 and 10 business days after requesting carrier appointments:

A) Make 200 verified and unique outbound telephone calls daily.
B) Must have 50 hours or more verified call and talk time the first week.
C) Attend daily huddle trainings
D) Meet 1x/daily with your assigned trainer to review recorded sales calls during Days 6-10
C) Three of five days, the agent must work into the later evenings (4PM to 8PM)

-Face to Face-
A) Door knock 20 doors daily.
B) Make 30 verified appointment setting outbound calls daily.
C) Meet with your trainer once a day to refine your sales process further.
D) Three of five days, the agent must work into the later evenings (4PM to 8PM)

Here’s how our “Make Money Guarantee” works:

If you are accepted to join Duford Insurance Group to sell final expense full-time (either in-person or telesales), and you commit to the recommended lead investment and onboarding timeline, then Duford Insurance Group GUARANTEES you’ll sell at least 1 policy in your first full week of selling with us!

If you don’t, we’ll refund your ENTIRE first week’s lead investment if you’re a part of our Broker program, or pay you $500 cash if you’re a part of our Career “free lead” program!