Watch the video below for a description of each form.

Important Contacts

Agent Commission Increase Form

Right click and copy this link to send to your agent who is getting the commission increase.

For agents starting on or after 9/1/2023, use the guide here about halfway down the page for what’s necessary to increase commission.

For agents who started BEFORE 9/1/2023, we’ll use the old process to calculate what’s necessary to increase commissions.

Internal Agent Transfer Form

Do you have an agent that is moving to you from another manager?

If so, after you and the agent have discussed the transfer request with the existing manager, please complete the transfer form here.

This is a must-do process to ensure commissions are correctly altered for the agent.

Request Additional Carriers Link

Have an agent that needs to request additional carriers?

Please right click and copy this link here and share it with the agent looking to get additional contracts.

Alpha Leads | Setup Page For Agents

Right click and copy the link below to send to any of your agents interested in the Alpha Leads program:

Alpha Leads | Facebook Management Program Overview

$500 Deposit Refund Request

For agents interested in getting their $500 deposit back, please have them go here.