Final Expense Telesales Career Onboarding Overview

Watch this video below *completely* before proceeding

Please Follow Each Step In The Order Described Below

Step 1: Financial Fraud, Chargebacks, & Vector-One

Please Read ALL Of This Memo BEFORE Proceeding!

For all new agents, you MUST watch the video below AND read the following memorandum on chargebacks, Vector-One, and the aggressive prosecution of financial fraud before proceeding any further with contracting.

Read the entire memorandum before proceeding

Step 2: Identity Verification

Please click the Berbix logo below to begin the cost-free identify verification process (takes no more than 3 minutes to complete).

NOTE: After you submit your Berbix identify verification request, please continue the process in STEP 3. We will NOT follow up regarding the identity verification results unless there is an issue.

Step 3: Contracting, Licensing, And E&O


Please click here to begin the Prosperity Life contracting process.

VERY IMPORTANT: When prompted, please select:

  • General Agent
  • 9 months on ISSUE, and,
  • A $1000 max advance.

Lastly, make SURE you complete Prosperity’s own AML program.

Typically, getting contracting with Prosperity takes 3 to 5 business days.

If you have any contracting troubles, please reach out directly to Prosperity Life’s agent support email here: [email protected]


Once you have submitted contracting with Prosperity Life, please go here to purchase the following non-resident licenses:


Errors And Omissions Insurance

Please go to E&O For Less to purchase E&O insurance if you haven’t already.

Get the plan that is around $30 to $40 a month to meet Prosperity’s minimum requirements.

Step 4: Getting A Release To Move Prosperity To Duford Insurance Group

Watch the video below for important details:

Please download and complete the release here – Blank Release Form.

Email the signed release once you get your old upline’s signature.

We’ll send that into the carriers and make sure your release is processed along with your carrier contracts.

Any troubles, reach out to Karra in contracting here for help: [email protected]

Step 5: REQUIRED: Sign Up For Our Agent Roster & Agent Earnings Disclosure

NOTE: You must complete the sign up form below to complete your onboarding process failure to do that will delay your contracting.

Please complete the sign-up form below to add yourself to our newsletter list, and to confirm review of the Agent Earnings Disclosure memorandum.

Step 6: DIG’s Sale & Career Training Website

Once you’ve completed all the other steps, please click the Skool link below to sign up for our training site:

It usually takes 12 hours or less to authorize your access, so please be patient =).

VERY IMPORTANT: Once signed up for the training site, please review the New Agents, Start Here pinned post at the top of the Community forum. 

You’ll find your next steps in getting trained there.

We look forward to working with you!

David Duford & The DIG Management Team