Final Expense Telesales Broker Onboarding Overview

Watch this video below *completely* before proceeding

Please Follow Each Step In The Order Described Below

Phase 1: Onboarding

Phase 2: Submit Carrier Contracts

IMPORTANT: First, watch the video directly below. Then, read everything below to submit your carrier appointments on SuranceBay!

When prompted, ONLY Choose The Following 4 Carriers To Start!

NOTE: There is only *one* SuranceBay link, not two as indicated in the video. Please read below to find the link.

IMPORTANT: When you purchase errors and omissions coverage, make SURE to make the effective date the same day you purchase the policy!

Select the following carriers in SuranceBay: Click here to access (will say David Duford at the top right-hand corner)

  • SBLI Final Expense
  • AIG/American General (same company – may be listed in SuranceBay as one or the other)
  • Trinity/Family Benefit Life
  • Guarantee Trust Life (GTL)

NOTE: If any carriers are locked up, please contact karra@360fgllc.com for alternates.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Please check the carrier state availability guide here to ensure the suggested carriers above are available. If not, check the “Telesales Friendly Carrier” tab for other carrier ideas you can use instead.

For New York Resident Agents: You cannot sell final expense over the phone in New York – you’ll have to sell over the phone to residents of other states, so please choose the carriers according to those states you’re intending to market in.

Did You Select Carriers That Are NOT On The Approved List Above?

You MUST request approval from contracting for any carriers you select *other than the primary and backup carriers listed above.*

Understand that overloading yourself with carriers is not a smart idea. More complication equals a higher failure rate. Keep things simple!

Please note that we do not accept appointments for the following carriers for new agents to DIG until we have several months of solid production history:

  • Americo
  • Royal Neighbors Of America
  • Aetna/American Continental

Please watch the video below for a step-by-step process to create your SuranceBay Account and submit your carriers:

Important Note About Direct Deposit Setup

We are not able to accept starter/convenience checks, deposit slips, or direct deposit forms.

Please submit a voided check with a valid check number, which matches the Account Name, Bank Name, Account Number, and Routing Number in SuranceBay.

If your account does not have checks, please provide a letter from your bank on bank letterhead, signed by a bank officer with their title clearly indicated, stating the bank account owner name, the ABA/Routing number used for direct deposits, and the bank account number and type.

How To Complete AML Training

Many carriers will also require you to complete Anti-Money Laundering Training. See the video directly above for guidance on how to do that.

SuranceBay also has one available for free inside of your account once you’re in the AML section as well you can complete.

Getting Stuck Completing Your SuranceBay Account?

If stuck, go ahead and email karra@360fgllc.com over your email and password you selected on SuranceBay.

We may end up having to log in to get you unstuck, and having your account credentials ahead of time will hasten the process.

Contracting Turnaround Time & Status Checking

NOTE: It takes 2 weeks to fully appoint you AFTER submitting the contracts on SuranceBay.

To get an update on carrier contracting status, please follow the directions here.

Commissions Overview

Click the image below to review how commissions work:

Moving Carriers From Another Agency To DIG Agency? Read This NOW:

If your agency will NOT release you: call each carrier individually (regardless of whether they’ve written business or not) to get the following information from the carrier:

1. The date you are eligible to transfer with or without a signed release. Ask when you can transfer without a signed release also in case their current upline won’t give you one.

2. If they need a signed release, make SURE you get the signatures in the correct spot. You sign first, we sign second, and the releasing agency signs last.

3. Once you have that info, email Karra@360fgllc.com– Karra will fill out the correct release forms to send to them to have their current hierarchy sign.

IMPORTANT: If you submit business through your first upline after making these calls, that can change the transfer date that the carrier gave them, and also to wait to submit business through us until all transfers have been confirmed, since that can also affect the transfer window if the transfer hasn’t been processed yet. In other words, do NOT write business with any carrier you’re moving UNTIL you’ve CONFIRMED the carrier has been moved over!

Phase 3: Setting Up The DIG Agency CRM

The DIG Agency CRM is designed to optimize your success selling Final Expense over the phone it’s $119 a month with variable cost depending on how much texting and dialing you use.

Please go here https://digagencycrm.com/ to sign up and you’ll get further directions on how to continue the onboarding with them.

LAST STEP: Sign Up For Our Training Site!

Do NOT Proceed To This Step Until You Completed Phase 1 & Phase 2 Above!

Once you’ve completed all the other steps, please click the Skool link below to sign up for our training site:

It usually takes 12 hours or less to authorize your access, so please be patient =).

Looking forward to working with you!


David Duford & The DIG Management Team!