Appointment Setting Services With Duford Insurance Group!

How Our Program Works

1. You MUST consistently work every week and already have fresh leads coming (or coming in over the weekend)

2. Minimum 20 fresh leads weekly (Facebook or direct mail). We do NOT call leads older than 90 days due to DNC restrictions.

3. Per Appointment Rate = $10. This includes kept AND no-showed appointments. Please expect a 70% no show rate.

4. Payment for today is $300. Consists of a $100 non-refundable set up fee and $200 deposit used towards concluding the appointment setting program.

5. Appointments set Tuesday through Saturday only.

6. IMPORTANT: Invoice for last week’s appointments emailed on Monday. You MUST pay the balance in full by end of business day Wednesday. If you do not, you will be terminated from the program permanently, no exceptions.

7. $200 deposit used to pay off final appointments if ending the program.

If all sounds good, please click the appropriate link below to pay the $300 to initiate the program.

VERY IMPORTANT: You’ll be redirected to another page with next steps as well as receive an email confirmation and next directions. You MUST complete the form on this page to officially enroll in our appointment setting program. If you delay in completing this form, then you will inadvertently delay starting appointment setting. Go here if you do not get redirected to complete the form and review next steps.

Any questions, please contact Luvanna@DufordIG.com.