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Benepath Insurance Leads Review

By David Duford - January 03, 2023 - 5 Mins Read

Are you interested in getting a review of Benepath Leads?

If you’re looking for a vendor for final expense leads and considering Benepath leads, this is the right article for you.

I will review how Benepath leads work so you can decide if they’re a good fit for your business.

Let’s get started!

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About Benepath Leads

Here’s how you can reach Benepath Leads:

    • Phone: 866-368-0377

    • Email: contact@benepath.net

Owner of Benepath Leads

The owner of Benepath is Clelland Green.

Types of Leads Offered

Benepath offers several different types of leads:

    • Individual health leads

    • Final expense leads

    • Medicare supplement leads

    • Medicare advantage leads

    • Group health leads

    • Commercial leads

    • Life insurance leads

    • Solar leads, and

    • Aged leads (health, MedSup, life, and group),

How Benepath Leads Work

    • To begin with, a consumer sees the Benepath ad online. The ad is linked to the specific keyword that the consumer was searching for.

    • The consumer clicks on the Benepath ad and is transferred to a keyword-specific landing page.

    • The landing page suggests calling an agent or entering information to get an insurance quote.

    • The consumer submits the zip code. To be considered a lead, the prospect must then fill out all of the required information.

    • The prospect is taken to a thank you page with the agent’s photo and name. Note that this service comes with an additional charge of $5 per lead.

You can receive leads by text, email, and they can be synced to your CRM. All leads are exclusive to the agent.

You will receive the following information:

    • First name

    • Last name

    • Contact information

    • Coverage date

    • Policy amount

    • Current status

    • State of birth

    • Family members

    • Tobacco use

    • Health conditions

    • Height and weight

    • Gender.

For group and commercial leads, you will also get census data and current insurance status, as well as industry type and the number of employees.

Sample Benepath Life Insurance Lead

Benepath Lead Prices

There is no upfront fee to get started with Benepath, and you only pay for the leads. You have to put up a deposit for the first week’s leads and are billed on a weekly basis.

The cost of exclusive life insurance leads is $30 per lead, with a minimum order of 10 leads per week for at least 4 weeks. Leads come 24/7 and there are no health filters, which means that you will get both healthy and unhealthy leads. These leads are statewide only.

The cost of aged leads is as follows:

    • Individual health leads $2

    • Medicare supplement leads $3

    • Life insurance leads $3

    • Group health leads  $5.

Volume discounts are available.

The Benepath website does not publish prices for other types of leads. You will need to call the company to get a quote. They also don’t provide any details on how many leads you can buy per month.

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