Cover - Americo Final Expense Product Review [For Agents Only]

Americo Final Expense Product Review [For Agents Only]

By David Duford - January 03, 2023 - 5 Mins Read

Are you a final expense agent interested in adding Americo’s final expense insurance products – Eagle Premier and Ultra Protector – to your final expense insurance companies line-up?

Do you want a “No BS” overview from a field-tested agent on how this company’s final expense product performs?

If so, you have found the right article!

I’ll be discussing at length how both Americo’s final expense products stack up, why final expense agents should consider selling both the Eagle Premier and Ultra Protector products, and give you my opinion on its pros and cons as a producing agent selling final expense.

NOTE: If you are a consumer that’s interested in buying an Americo final expense insurance product, visit my friend’s website here for more information.

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Overview Of Americo’s Eagle Premier And Ultra Protector Products

Application Type: Eagle Premier (EP) – E-app and limited telephonic app times. Ultra Protector (UP)- paper and e-application.
Agent Support Hotline:   800.231.0801
Point Of Sale Interview Required? No
State Availability: Contact David here for more information
Paper Application Submission: Upload via agent portal or fax.
Average Policy Issue Turnaround Time: Eagle Premier – Immediately upon approval. Ultra Protector – 24 to 48 hours on receipt assuming application is clear of discrepancies.
Commission Payout: Eagle Premier advances ON ISSUE. Ultra Protector advances on FIRST DRAFT. (NOTE: agent must qualify for advances)
Can You Sell Over The Phone? Yes!
Advancing Available? Yes – 9 months advance for those that qualify.
How Far In Advance Can The First Draft Be? 30 days from effective date
Frequency Of Commission Payout: Daily
Pays Commission On Policy Fee? Yes
Age Rating: Effective date
Chargebacks On Death: Chargeback of advanced and earned premiums in the first 12 months whether or not the policy is rescinded; chargeback of earned commissions in months 13-24 if policy is rescinded.
Chargebacks On Lapses: Chargeback of advanced commission.
Underwriting Overview: MIB and Rx check for both EP and UP.
Agent Guides: Contact David here for more information
Requires E&O? No
Acceptable Payment Methods? Bank drafts only
Face Amount Issue Limits:

Eagle Premier AND Ultra Protector I and II Products (All are Level, Day 1 Full Death Benefit)

    • 50-85 Nonsmoker: $2,000 ($5000 in WA) to $30,000

    • 50-80 Smoker: $2,000 ($5000 in WA) to $30,000

Available Riders: Accelerated death benefit rider added at no additional cost, optional Children’s Term Rider, optional Grandchild’s term rider (EP only), and optional Accidental Death Benefit Rider. Contact David here for more information
Cover Foreign Nationals?  Yes, if a legal resident of US. Have to have a green card and cannot be on 1 or 2-year green card. Must have a Social Security number, not TIN number. Always take a pic of the green card because they WILL need it. Working visa, military visa, black visa, sports visa, refugee visa cannot be covered.
Height-Weight Chart? Contact David here for more information
Sample Final Expense Application: Contact David here for more information
Rate Guide: Contact David here for more information
Prescription/Rx Guide: Contact David here for more information
Product Highlights And Underwriting Advantages (For Eagle Premier):

    • Smokers receive non-smoker rates for 3 years in new “Quit Smoking Advantage” program.

    • E-app gives instant underwriting decision after submission.

    • Pay on ISSUE – meaning you get paid within 24 to 48 hours.

Americo Final Expense Application Health Questions


I am breaking up this section into 2 parts to cover both Americo final expense insurance products.

I’ll first start with the Americo Eagle Premier product, as that is the most popular final expense product with Americo.

Then I’ll cover the Ultra Protector product line.

How The Eagle Premier Product works

There are 2 different versions of the Americo Eagle final expense insurance product:

    1. Eagle Premier: This is the full death benefit from day one final expense product.

    1. Eagle Guaranteed: This is the 3-year waiting period version of the product, which pays death benefits as follows:
        1. Year 1: return of premium plus 5%.

        1. Year 2: return of premium plus 10%.

        1. Year 3: 75% of the face amount.

        1. Year 4+: 100% of the face amount.

I will spend all of my time going forward on the Eagle Premier version of the product, as the Eagle Guaranteed is rarely written.

However, if you’d like to learn more about how it works, you can reach out to me here for more information.

How The Ultra Protector Series Product Works

There are 3 versions of the Ultra Protector product:

    1. Ultra Protector 1: Full death benefit day 1 coverage at product’s best rates.

    1. Ultra Protector 2: Full death benefit day 1 coverage at product’s sub-standard rates.

    1. Ultra Protector 3: 3-year graded death benefit that pays death benefits as follows:
        1. Year 1: Death Benefit equals return of premium plus 5%.

        1. Year 2: Death Benefit equals return of premium plus 10%.

        1. Year 3: Death Benefit equals 75% of the face amount.

        1. Year 4+: Death Benefit equals 100% of the face amount.

Since the vast majority of agents will only write the UP1 and UP2 product, I will skip on explaining the UP3 guaranteed issue product. However, if you’d like to learn more, review the agent guide for more information.

Americo Eagle Premier, Ultra Protector Rate Charts

Since rate are subject to change, Americo has asked that you reach out to me here to get an up-to-date sample of current rates.

My Thoughts On Writing Americo’s Final Expense Products


As someone who recruits and trains final expense agents to become top producers, one of the most important factors to an agent’s success is using a final expense carrier that’s agent-friendly, and also pays fast.

Also important is flexible underwriting to take oddball health conditions.

Americo’s Eagle Premier is hands-down a winner in the ease-of-use and fast-pay department.

And the Ultra Protector series covers many harder-to-cover health issues with first-day full coverage levels.

Eagle Premier – Easy To Use (And Pays Fast)

Americo was one of the first final expense carriers to come out with e-app product with an instant decision.

Basically, this means that your submitted Eagle Premier applications receive an underwriting decision within a few MINUTES.


There are obvious benefits to the agent with this feature.

First, the e-app and instant decision process greatly reduces amendments. This means less frustrating go-back appointments, less not-taken business, and more time in front of new prospects to sell more final expense.

NOTE: There is also a tele-application option you can use, too, if you do not have e-app capability.

Second, since the Eagle Premier product is set up to pay on issue, this means you get paid within a day or two after e-submitting your Eagle Premier application!

Agents love fast pay, as we all have final expense leads to pay for.

The Eagle Premier “Quit Smoking Advantage” Program

Americo rolled out a new pricing model for smokers on their Eagle Premier product that offers non-smoking rates for 3 years, which can be locked in for the life of the policy, if the insured can prove he has quit smoking for at least 12 months in the past 3 years, without additional underwriting.

Keep in mind that if the client does NOT provide satisfactory evidence of smoking cessation during the first 3 years that his coverage will reduce accordingly to the smoker rate while keeping his premium the same.

Ultra Protector – Great For Tough-To-Insure Conditions


As a field-producing agent since 2011, I have used Americo’s Ultra Protector product in many circumstances where underwriting issues precluded first-day full coverage with other carriers.

If you are looking for a final expense product to cover hard-to-place clients, Americo’s Ultra Protector product will likely come in handy.


Since there is no one perfect carrier, let me spend a moment describing potential drawbacks to both the Eagle Premier and Ultra Protector products:

Eagle Premier Drawbacks

With added convenience comes a higher price. The Eagle Premier product is a mid-range priced final expense product for non-smokers.

It is likely there are more competitive carriers available.

However, what you lose in a slight pricing difference you arguably gain in overall commission and persistency.

With the e-app submission process and an instant underwriting decision, more of your business will get issued, and less will become not-taken.

And with pay on issue available, you’ll get paid much faster than most carriers, which typically pay on first draft.

Keep in mind that if you write the smoker rates, please make sure to fully inform your clients EXACTLY what to expect with their coverage if they DO quit smoking, and if they DON’T.

If an agent is more interested in making a sale at the sacrifice of fully explaining how the Quit Smoking Advantage program works, his clients are in for a surprise when they see their coverage significantly drop.

So… just make sure you do the right thing =).

Ultra Protector Drawbacks

Ultra Protector underwriting has tightened up somewhat over the years.

While the UP product is friendly to insulin and diabetic neuropathy, having circulatory problems rates you into the guaranteed issue product.

Also, the prescription drug list is tight on cardiac medications like blood thinners and nitro for those clients who have had heart-related issues.

Smokers are also rated automatically at UP2 rates, so you may want to consider writing the Americo Eagle product instead for a better price.


Hands-down, Americo’s Eagle Premier and Ultra Protector products are must-haves in the new and experienced agent’s carrier toolbox.

Whether an agent is looking for an easy-to-use e-app process, getting paid on issue, or a carrier that handle tougher-to-insure health conditions, Americo final expense insurance products has you covered.

In fact, for those agents that aren’t concerned about a slightly higher than average pricing model, I would highly recommend considering using Americo’s Eagle Premier product as a primary or secondary carrier.

By doing so, you’ll extract so much benefit in the form of faster pay and more business written.

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