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Unlike most insurance agencies that focus on mass recruitment and multi-level marketing strategies, Duford Insurance Group focuses intensely on training new and experienced insurance agents on how to sell insurance successfully with a focus in final expense (selling in-person or remotely over the phone).

In addition to helping agents master final expense sales, Duford Insurance Group specializes in helping agents over the long-term to realize their potential through teaching them how to cross-sell high first-year commission and residual-based commission including:

  1. Medicare (Face-To-Face or Telesales)
  2. ACA Under 65 Health Insurance (Face-To-Face or Telesales)
  3. Annuities
  4. Management Opportunities To Build Your Own Team Also Available

Our Mission Statement

Duford Insurance Group mission is to provide the best, long-term agency home for agents interested in optimally learning the craft of selling insurance WITHOUT participating in multi-level marketing style insurance recruiting that’s so unfortunately common in the business.




David Duford

David Duford is an author, YouTube influencer, and owns Duford Insurance Group. Starting as a licensed final expense agent in 2011, David started Duford Insurance Group in 2013 and gradually began to build his agency larger and larger with each consecutive year.

As of 2023, David has recruited 3,000+ agents, has created dozens of six-figure income earners, and mentors multiple seven-figure insurance agencies. David resides in Chattanooga, Tennessee, with his wife and four kids, and is an avid jiu jitsu student and weightlifter.


Final Expense Mentors

Joe Busalachi

Joe started selling final expense insurance as a new agent with Duford Insurance Group in 2018. Before becoming a licensed insurance agent, Joe worked in the telemarketing call center management space for 14 years, managing teams as high as a 40 employees. His best week in final expense Sales was $6800 in annual premium.

When Joe is not helping Duford Insurance Group face-to-face final expense agents, he loves hanging out with his wife and 3 daughters and reading the Bible in the early morning. Joe believes anyone can who truly commits to the system can attain success selling final expense with Duford Insurance Group.


David Heath

David Heath has been a broker in both worksite benefits and final expense sales. Over the years, David has been a field and telesales agent, client relations manager, trainer, managing agent, and district manager. David’s closed $7,124 in annual premium during his best day of production, and closed $21,544 in annual premium during his best week.

When not training Duford Insurance Group face-to-face agents, David spends time with family and giving time to his church, plus fishes any chance he can get (deep sea and crappie fishing are his favorites). David’s motto is: “Changing lives by growing people”.


Tim Hildebrand

When Tim sells final expense personally, he closes around $5000 AP a week on average under 30-40 hours a week. Specializing in final expense telesales, the agents Tim trains always know their best interests are in mind.

The biggest joy in Tim’s career is giving his agents the ability to provide for their family as they now have the skills and direction necessary to do the right work in the right way!


Annuity Trainer

Stephen Burgess

Multimillion dollar annuity producer Stephen Burgess has partnered with Duford Insurance Group since 2017. Stephen has taught hundreds of DIG agents how to uncover and find annuity sales opportunities in their existing book of business, sphere of influence, and existing lead program.

Stephen is a born educator and mentor using collaboration and guidance as the cornerstones of his training.


Medicare & ACA Trainer

Luis Moreno

Duford Insurance Group’s Medicare and ACA trainer Luis Moreno has over 23 years of insurance sales experience. Luis first started with Mutual of Omaha in 1999, specializing as a Medicare and Long-Term Care specialist.

In 2001, he opened his Farmers Agency and has amassed more than 5,000 clients, of which more than 2,000 are ACA health insurance clients, and 1,000+ are Medicare clients. Also, Luis is fully bilingual and teaches both English and Spanish speaking agents.


Executive Onboarding Specialist

Marty Waters

Marty is Duford Insurance Group’s executive on-boarder. His job is to interview applicants interested in joining Duford Insurance Group to ensure they are a good fit for the agency.

Additionally, Marty conducts our final expense product underwriting training classes weekly for new and experienced agents.


JD Rodriguez

JD Rodriguez serves as an Associate Onboarding Executive assisting with discovery calls, group Q&As, and interviews. In addition to selling final expense face-to-face, JD interviews many of our YouTube guests and hosts a weekly Q&A call.

JD lives in Colorado, is married with 3 kids, and is retired firefighter.


Contracting Support Team

Anita Benner

Kate Ortega