Learn More About Duford Insurance Group And David Duford

David Duford and his wife Laura with all four kids – Emily, David, Eva, and Ella!

David Duford is the founder and owner of Duford Insurance Group (DIG).

Through Duford Insurance Group, David specializes in recruiting and training new and experienced insurance agents to become top producers utilizing proven sales and marketing systems such as:

  1. Final Expense,
  2. Annuities, or
  3. Medicare Advantage

DIG’s Mission Statement

Simply put, Duford Insurance Group mission is to empower and train new or experienced agents to become top producers selling final expense insurance, Medicare insurance policies, and annuities.

In other words, our mission is to provide the single best agency home for agents interested in learning the craft of selling insurance without the obligation of a participating and multi-level marketing style insurance recruiting strategy.

How Duford Insurance Group Is Different 

Unlike most insurance agencies that focus on mass recruitment and multi-level marketing strategies, DIG focuses on training new agents on how to sell insurance and scale their efforts to make a substantial living.

Top Notch Final Expense & Medicare Sales Training

Here’s what makes us different and how we approach insurance sales:

  1. Focus on sales and marketing training and not on mass recruiting.
  2. Agents need to know how to sell their respective products successfully before building an agency.

Duford Insurance Group follows the same principles for all agents that join as one must “learn to crawl before they walk.”

We focus on providing top-notch, world-class sales and marketing training to all of our agents at Duford Insurance Group. 

This training results in a more educated, more skilled agent who understands how to deliver an effective sales presentation, source and generate quality leads, and help more people out with their insurance needs.

 For example, some of the training that you’ll receive includes:

  • Live Zoom based sales training
  • Script training with proven scripts that actually get results
  • A final expense cheat sheet to help you identify the best policy options for your prospects
  • One-on-one time with David Duford will receive mentorship, training, and support.
  • Training for both face-to-face and telemarketing agents. We support both!

Maximal Commission Opportunity 

The Duford Insurance Group’s commission plan differs as agents (new and experienced) are commonly paid at higher levels than other agencies.

Duford Insurance Group feels this should be the standard in the insurance business. The agent who finds and closes business should get the lion’s share of the payout!

Compared to many of the big final Expense and Medicare agencies that recruit en masse, our commissions are some of the highest in the industry. Many of our direct recruits are at commission levels well over a hundred percent, if not higher.

Better commissions translates into more money for the agent, leading to a more profitable and lucrative business model.

You can read more about how commissions work in detail on our FAQ page.

Best Agency Setup For The Entrepreneurial Agent

While the Duford Insurance Group isn’t for everyone, we believe it’s a perfect setup for the more entrepreneurial, self-sufficient agent that expects help and training, but doesn’t want to be micromanaged or treated as an employee.

Some of the benefits of working with dig include:

  • 100% vested from the first day on all products and carriers
  • Direct pay from the carriers
  • Release upon request if the agent doesn’t owe chargebacks
  • You have access to a multitude of insurance carriers to give your clients the best options for coverage.
  • Carrier neutral. We don’t push one carrier over another. We want what’s best for the client, as that is typically what’s best for the agent!

About David Duford

Humble Beginnings In Selling Insurance

BodyElite Personal Training – My first business

Dave began his insurance career in 2011, jumping into the final expense business as an act of desperation.

His existing business (BodyElite Personal training) in the fitness industry was going down the tubes financially due to the negative economic factors of the Great Recession.

David has had ups and downs in the industry.

Due to David not following the system of success in final expense, he failed out within his first year, and had to hold down a job for a year before getting back into final expense sales full-time.

Pressure Makes Diamonds!

While the experience was tough, it molded David’s perspective about the importance of following a tried-and-tested system of success without deviation, as part of his short-term struggle was due to deviating from that system.

Fast-forward to present day, David and his agency program are rocking along!

David has recruited more than 2,500 agents, teaching them how to sell final expense, annuities, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare Supplements, following the same system of success David has employed throughout his career as a personal producer.

Many of the agents he has recruited have developed into six-income earners following this same model of success.

“Hardest Working Man In Insurance”

David is an unapologetic workaholic, dubbed “The Hardest Working Man In The Insurance Business.”

In addition to helping agents daily become successful personal producers, David also does the following:

  1. Operates a highly-successful YouTube Channel with nearly 1,400 videos as of June 2021, nearly 70,000 views monthly, and over 22,000 subscribers who enjoy his near daily new training videos on insurance sales and marketing.
  2. Has written 3 best-selling insurance sales books – The Official Guide To Selling Final Expense, Interviews With Top Producing Insurance Agents, and The Official Guide To Selling Insurance For New Agents.
  3. Writes TONS of highly-read insurance sales training content on his blog.
  4. He’s a recognized content contributor on LinkedIn, the Insurance Selling Magazine, Reviews.com, and the Insurance Forum.

Additionally, David offers non-contracted agents the opportunity to leverage his insurance sales training without joining his agency through several comprehensive sales and marketing courses and monthly training memberships found in David Duford’s store.

Media Mentions

Dave’s Personal & Business Goals For 2022

Strength Goals

  • Trap Bar Deadlift: 500×5
  • Safety Squat Bar Box Squat: 350×5
  • Barbell Squat: 350×5
  • Bench Press: 315×5
  • Overhead Press: 185×5
  • Barbell Row: 275×8
405 Deadlift PR – Woohoo!
Jiujitsu and UFC Legend Royce Gracie With Yours Truly =)

Jiu Jitsu Goals

  • 4-Stripe Blue Belt (maybe Purple Belt?!?!)

Business Goals

  • 40% Increase In Net Income, Year-Over-Year
  • Create 20 Six-Figure Insurance Agents In My Agency
  • Mentor 5 Seven-Figure Agency Owners In My Agency
  • Create 10 Fully Operational Websites That Generate Organic Final Expense Insurance Leads & Passive Income From Ad Monetization (this is my second business I am actively working on growing)

Personal Financial Goals

  • Pay off my mortgage (I hate debt!)

5-Year Personal & Business Goals (By Year End 2027)

  • Trap Bar Deadlift: 650×5
  • Safety Squat Bar Box Squat: 500×5
  • Barbell Squat: 500×5
  • Bench Press: 405×5
  • Overhead Press: 275×5
  • Barbell Row: 365×8

Jiu Jitsu Goal

  • Brown Belt

Business Goals

  • 275% Increase In 2026 Net Income When Compared To 2021 Net Income
  • Have 50 to 75 Six-Figure Insurance Agents In My Agency
  • Mentor 10 Seven-Figure Agencies In My Organization.
  • Create 25 Fully Operational Websites That Generate Organic Insurance Leads & Passive Income From Ad Monetization

Personal Financial Goals

  • Second Home In Canada On Lake Huron (My mother’s side of the family immigrated from Scotland and Germany to the Bruce Peninsula area in Ontario during the 19th century).
Kincardine, Ontario – A Touch Of Paradise =)

David Duford’s Bucket List

  • Learn another instrument (bagpipes or lute).
  • Visit The Vatican, Australia, and New Zealand (where Lord Of The Rings was filmed).
  • Live long enough to see my great grandchildren.
  • Watch a Pink Floyd or David Gilmour concert live.
  • Earn a black belt in Jiu-jitsu.
  • I’ll think of more as I get older (I’m only 37 years old – too busy living =).

Frequently Asked Questions

How many agents work with Duford Insurance Group?

The Duford Insurance Group recruits approximately 60 to 80 new reps every month to sell Final Expense, Medicare, ACA health care, or annuities.

And like most sales organizations, it’s typically the minority that produces the majority of the production. Around 150 to 200 agents are actively producing business every month with one of Duford Insurance Group’s products as of November 2021. 

Is Duford Insurance Group supportive of telesales?

Yes, the Duford Insurance Group supports BOTH face-to-face and telesales final expense and Medicare sales systems.

We have a multitude of Final Expense face-to-face and telemarketing agents writing between $5000 – $10,000 a week in Final Expense business, utilizing David’s sales and marketing training.

Where can access Duford Insurance Group content?

You can access DIG’s YouTube sales and marketing training here or check our free Insurance Sales Resource Guide for great insurance-based sales and marketing training. No obligation to join or buy to access!

How do I learn more about how to join Duford Insurance Group?

Click the link here to review the FAQ page on what we look for in new and experienced insurance agents to see if our program is a good fit for your career goals.

Also, make sure to check out the following, too: