Learn more about David Duford and his Mortgage Protection Agent Mentorship Program for new mortgage protection agents.


Here’s Dave with his wife Laura and four kids – David, Eva, Emily, and 4th (a girl) due in May 2018!

David Duford is the owner and operator of Mortgage Protection Agent Mentor, specializing in recruiting and training agents to become self-sufficient, financially-successful, independent mortgage protection insurance agents through intensive, one-on-one coaching, mentorship, and guidance.

David began his insurance sales career in 2011 as an act of desperation, since his existing business in the personal training industry was going down the tubes financially due to the negative economic factors of the Great Recession.

Dave's former business prior to entering the final expense business.

Dave’s former business prior to entering the insurance business.

David has had ups and downs in the industry. Due to David not following the system of success, he failed out within his first year, and had to hold down a job for a year before getting back into selling insurance full-time.

While the experience was tough, it molded David’s perspective about the importance of following a tried-and-tested system of success without deviation, as part of his short-term struggle was due to deviating from that system.

Fast-forward to present day, David and his Mentorship program are rocking along! David has recruited hundreds of agents, both experienced and new, to teach them how to sell successfully following the same system of success David has employed throughout his career as a personal producer. Many of the agents he has recruited have developed into six-income earners following this same model of success.

David is an unapologetic workaholic. In addition to recruiting and training agents in his Mentorship program, he also personally produces and sells several days a week.

David also runs a highly-successful YouTube page with more than 400 videos on all things insurance sales related, is a recognized article contributor on LinkedIn and the Insurance Forum, and has published a highly-rated insurance sales training book with a 4.5 out of 5 star rating.

David has been married to his wife Laura since 2008, have four kids, and reside in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Dave's favorite book is Atlas Shrugged, a consummate, must-read book for all capitalists and free-market individuals.

Dave’s favorite book is Atlas Shrugged, a consummate, must-read book for all capitalists and free-market individuals.

When David isn’t working, he loves participating in Brazilian Jujitsu, listening to Pink Floyd, or reading books from his favorite author Ayn Rand, especially Atlas Shrugged.