Learn More About David Duford And His National Insurance Agency!

Here’s Dave with his wife Laura and four kids – Emily, Eva, Ella, and David

David Duford is the owner and operator of DavidDuford.com.

He specializes in recruiting and training new and experienced insurance agents to become top producers utilizing proven sales and marketing systems such as:

  1. Final Expense,
  2. Annuities,
  3. Mortgage Protection,
  4. Medicare Supplement, or
  5. Medicare Advantage

Humble Beginnings In Selling Insurance

Dave began his insurance career in 2011, jumping into the final expense business as an act of desperation.

His existing business in the personal training industry was going down the tubes financially due to the negative economic factors of the Great Recession.

David has had ups and downs in the industry.

Due to David not following the system of success in final expense, he failed out within his first year, and had to hold down a job for a year before getting back into final expense sales full-time.

Pressure Makes Diamonds!

While the experience was tough, it molded David’s perspective about the importance of following a tried-and-tested system of success without deviation, as part of his short-term struggle was due to deviating from that system.

Fast-forward to present day, David and his agency program are rocking along!

David has recruited more than 1000 agents, teaching them how to sell final expense, annuities, mortgage protection, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare Supplements, following the same system of success David has employed throughout his career as a personal producer.

Many of the agents he has recruited have developed into six-income earners following this same model of success.

“Hardest Working Man In Insurance”

David is an unapologetic workaholic, dubbed “The Hardest Working Man In The Insurance Business.”

In addition to helping agents daily become successful personal producers, David also does the following:

  1. Operates a highly-successful YouTube Channel with nearly 1,300 videos as of May 2020, nearly 60,000 views monthly, and over 14,000 subscribers who enjoy his daily new training videos on insurance sales and marketing, 7 days a week.
  2. Has written 3 best-selling insurance sales books – The Official Guide To Selling Final Expense, Interviews With Top Producing Insurance Agents, and The Official Guide To Selling Insurance For New Agents.
  3. Writes TONS of highly-read insurance sales training content on his blog.
  4. He’s a recognized content contributor onĀ LinkedIn, the Insurance Selling Magazine, Reviews.com, and the Insurance Forum.

Additionally, David offers non-contracted agents the opportunity to leverage his insurance sales training without contracting with his agency through the Insurance Agent Inner Circle Program, as well as through the Seminar Marketing Mastery program.

Family And Non-Work Interests

When David isn’t working, he loves getting his ass kicked in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as much as humanly possible, listening to Pink Floyd, or reading books from his favorite author Ayn Rand, especially Atlas Shrugged.

What To Do Next

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