A Disturbing Trend | Polishing A Turd

By David Duford - April 24, 2023 - 5 Mins Read

I talk to many agents weekly about their experiences with their agency. 

Many are upset, frustrated, and understandably angry about promises made that aren’t being kept regarding training, mentorship, coaching, and commission.

However, what REALLY surprises me is that the agent’s proposed solution is to “suck it up,” double down, and work harder to make it work.

Ladies and gentlemen: You can polish a turd and make it shine, but you’re still left with a giant pile of shit!

In my experience, if things are bad to start, circumstances will only gradually worsen over time. And the end result is you leaving the business, thinking it’s a lead racket or MLM Kool-Aid scheme (which is true with most big-name agencies).

Instead of doubling down and putting lipstick on a pig, why don’t you take some of El Jefe’s advice?

Here’s some thoughts on the matter:

1. It’s only your fault if you continue to tolerate their BS. The best of the best salespeople run agencies and IMOs. They know how to pull on your heartstrings and shock and awe you into joining their IMO while hiding the ugly realities of their business. And sometimes the only way you realize this is through first-hand experience.

So if you’ve walked into a situation and are not getting what you deserve, don’t blame yourself. Happens to many new agents. HOWEVER, it IS your responsibility to optimize your career potential, and get the heck out of a bad business arrangement as soon as you can. Nobody other than yourself can fix the mess you’re in.

2. The easiest time to change is sooner, not later. Leaving your current agency will not be easy. But it only gets harder and more financially damaging the longer you stay, and your IMO knows it. Agencies use strategies like not vesting you in your business for a number of years, non-competes, and flat-out lawfare to prevent you from going your own way.

It’s like the Mafia. They love you while you are there, but stop at nothing to prevent you from leaving. So don’t wait until it’s financially impossible to sever ties; pull the band-aid off quickly and decisively.

3. Stop making excuses for loser agency owners. YOU are putting YOUR career opportunities on the line to sell insurance. Your upline has a DUTY to help develop you into the best possible agent you can be. And that takes personal support, conversations, and mentorship.

If your upline/manager REFUSES to provide this to you because they are too busy selling/recruiting/etc., then they don’t deserve YOUR production.


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