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If you’re interested in selling insurance, and are looking for the insurance sales training resources to optimize your chances for success, then you have come to the right place!

My name is David Duford. I’m the owner of DavidDuford.com (go figure =).

I specialize in working with new life insurance agents or training existing life insurance agents in successfully selling final expense insurance, annuity sales, Medicare Supplement sales, and mortgage protection sales.

Taking New And Experienced Agents And Showing Them How To Succeed

The reason insurance agents work with me is simple.

They understand the positive impact that focused, personalized insurance training from a tenured producer can have on their insurance sales career.

They appreciate the straightforward, no B.S. framework and benefits of the Mentorship Program over the short- and long-term.

As an actively-producing agent and trainer of over 1000 agents nationally, the single-most important component to your success, beyond your commitment to succeed, is customized, on-going, one-on-one mentorship and training.

Because the faster you beat the learning curve, the quicker you will leverage this business to live the kind of life you want.

How David Helps New And Experienced Agents Like Yourself!

I have worked with close to 1,000 agents nationally since 2012, and have several custom-tailored sales and marketing systems to help new and experienced insurance agents to maximize their success in the insurance business.

Want to learn more about the recruiting opportunities available to new and experienced insurance agents?

Click here to learn more about how I help agents become top producers in final expense, Medicare Supplement sales, annuity sales, and mortgage protection sales, in addition to learning about gaining access to top-level commissions and high-quality lead programs.

Buy My Best-Selling Books!

I have authored 3 best-selling insurance sales related books that you can buy either on Amazon, or in e-book format.

The Official Guide To Selling Final Expense Insurance helps agents interested in selling final expense learn the sales and marketing system I have taught to hundreds of final expense agents, discussing topics such as leads, objection-handling, and proper selling techniques. Here are the links to both book purchase options: Paperback BookE-Book

Interviews With Top Producing Insurance Agents involves in-depth interviews with 13 six- and seven-figure insurance agents and agencies on how they were able to sustain long-term success selling insurance. I interview agents from different backgrounds, including final expense, Medicare Supplements, telesales, disability, group benefits, and more. Here are the links to both book purchase options: Paperback BookE-Book

The Official Guide To Selling Insurance For New Agents is designed for both aspiring and new insurance agents who want a wildly successful career selling insurance while avoiding the common pitfalls that end over 90% of agents’ careers within the first year. You can go to Amazon to purchase the Kindle or paperback version for $2.99 and $9.99, respectively.