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In addition to recruiting insurance agents nationally to sell:

  • Final Expense
  • Medicare, and,
  • Annuities,

David Duford offers several valuable products and services that will help any agents anywhere find more prospects and sell more insurance.

Let’s review what David has to offer.

Product Offerings

Books (Hard Copy Or E-Book Version)

The Official Guide To Selling Insurance For New Agents

From the description of the book:

The Most Comprehensive Guide To Successfully Starting Your Insurance Sales Career… No Matter What Insurance Product You Sell… From The Perspective Of A Top Producing Insurance Agent And National Trainer!

Did you know that the “ugly” truth of insurance sales is that over 90% of new agents FAIL within their first 12 months of getting their license? The sad truth is that insurance sales is TOUGH, and to succeed, you must have a strategy in place to avoid becoming another statistic.

Taking his own experience succeeding AND failing out of insurance sales, David Duford has designed this guide to help new insurance agents navigate the most common pitfalls to selling insurance so you can improve your odds of a successful, lucrative career.

The Official Guide To Selling Insurance For New Agents provides the blueprint to optimizing your new career as an insurance agent. This handbook explains:

  1. How to avoid failure and achieve success.
  2. How to select the best insurance product to sell.
  3. How to identify and avoid joining agencies who are NOT working in your best interest.
  4. A crash-course in understanding how to become a top-producing insurance agent.

The Official Guide To Selling Final Expense Insurance

From the description on Amazon:

The Most Comprehensive Guide To Successfully Selling Final Expense Life Insurance – From The Perspective Of A Time-Tested, In-The Trenches, Final Expense Agent!

With more people now than ever interested in selling final expense life insurance, it is now more important than ever to develop a comprehensive approach to lead generation, prospecting, presenting, and closing final expense life insurance business.

Taking his own experience successfully selling final expense burial insurance and from his experience training hundreds of final expense agents nationally, David Duford has put together a strategic system of selling final expense within this book, designed to maximize new and experienced agents’ success.

The Official Guide To Selling Final Expense Insurance provides the strategies and tactics to develop agents into top-producing final expense agents. This handbook explains how to:

-Ensure you find the best final expense agency to partner with.
-Duplicate David’s system of success that he teaches his final expense agent partners.
-How to effectively sell final expense in a low-key, customer-focused approach, maximizing income and quality of business.

You have two ways to purchase this book:

1) You can buy the hard copy version directly at Amazon for $24.99, or,
2) You can make a direct, downloadable PDF purchase now via the purchase button below at the reduced price of $19.99:

Interviews With Top Producing Insurance Agents

Are you a new or struggling insurance agent? Are you in search of guidance and direction on how to have an enormously successful career in selling insurance?

If so, Interviews With Top Producing Insurance Agents will show you – by example – how 13 six- and seven-figure earning insurance agents from a variety of insurance sales backgrounds not only achieved success, but continually sustain success, year after year!

You’ll get the truth on what it takes to become successful, how to deal with the trials and tribulations that come with selling insurance, and how to position yourself as an individual with value, so you will attract more insurance business.

Dave Duford interviews top producing insurance agents and agencies from the following insurance niches: final expense, Medicare Supplement sales, large-employer employee benefits, annuity sales, disability insurance, selling insurance telephonically, and much more.

If your goal is to improve your results selling insurance, no matter what type you sell, then this candid, “over the shoulder” interview into the details of top producing agents will help you immensely.

Buy the paperback copy on Amazon here for $19.99 here. Or directly purchase the e-book copy for $14.99 below:

Buy all three of Dave’s books (e-book version only) for $29.99

Sales & Marketing Courses

Watch the videos below for more detail on how each program works.

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