Getting Started With Duford Insurance Group!


Watch this video below *completely* before proceeding:

Getting Contracted Checklist

Please make sure you do all the following (some of these may NOT apply to you):

  1. Did you add yourself to the DIG Email List? If not, click here and input your information.
  2. Join David Duford’s GroupMe Community by clicking here.
  3. Need E&O Coverage? Buy it cheap here.
  4. Contracting to sell Medicare Advantage? Click here and complete the requested directions.
  5. Contracting to sell final expense or annuity carriers? Click here.
  6. Contracting to sell ACA/Obamacare/Under-65 Health Insurance? Click here.
  7. Need help getting Anti-Money Laundering (AML) training complete? Click here for directions.
  8. Stuck somewhere in the contracting process? Follow these directions here to get unstuck.
  9. Need to release carriers to DIG? Follow these directions to move over carriers from your existing agency or IMO.
  10. Completed contracting and ready to register your Duford Insurance Group sales training account? Go here for directions.
  11. Flat out confused and need help? Email me, call/text me, or contact me here and I’ll personally help ASAP.

Medicare Advantage Contracting Directions (please SKIP if selling Final Expense or Annuities)

Please watch the video below *entirely* for complete instructions.

Please click this link here to complete Medicare Advantage pre-contracting.

For starting carriers, please select:

  • United Health Care,
  • Aetna,
  • CIGNA, and,
  • Humana.

Also, email my Medicare On-Boarding Specialist Julie Davis here once you complete contracting:

[email protected]

Let her know you’re working with David Duford, and she’ll take you through the next steps in getting started.

Make sure you leave your name, email, city, and state.

Julie will get you added to the Medicare GroupMe and get you Medicare conference call log in information.

Any confusion? Call, text, email, or reach me here.

Are You Contracting To Sell Final Expense (Or Annuities/Medicare Supplements)?

Here are the steps to successfully complete your carrier contracting below:

  1. Create your SuranceBay Account (see video below for details).
  2. Submit appropriate commission levels using the form below.
  3. Setup your sales training account.

Step 1: Create Your SuranceBay Account

Please watch the video below for a step-by-step process to create your SuranceBay Account and submit your carriers:

Click here to setup your SuranceBay contracting account! Please bookmark this link for future carrier contracting!

How To Complete AML Training

Many carriers will also require you to complete Anti-Money Laundering Training. See the video directly above for guidance on how to do that.

SuranceBay also has one available for free inside of your account once you’re in the AML section as well you can complete.

List Of Final Expense Carriers To Select (and back-ups in case your carriers are locked up with another agency)

Watch the video explainer below to clarify:

For Final Expense Face-To-Face Carriers: ONLY Choose The Following 5 Carriers To Start!

  • Prosperity Life
  • Royal Neighbors
  • Foresters
  • AIG/American General
  • Guarantee Trust Life

NOTE: If Prosperity or Royal Neighbors is locked up, select Liberty Bankers Life and/or Trinity Life instead.

  • If Foresters is locked up, select Aetna (CVS Health) or Liberty Bankers Life instead.
  • If you already have American General (AIG), you can dual contract and have a second writing number with my agency.
  • If Guarantee Trust Life is locked up, select Great Western instead.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Please ensure the carriers you’re intending to select are available in your states by checking the State Availability grid here. If they are not, please choose other carriers instead from this list, or reach out to ask me for guidance on what carriers to select.

For FE Telesales Carriers: ONLY Choose The Following 5 Carriers To Start!

  • Prosperity Life
  • Aetna (American Continental)
  • Royal Neighbors
  • Great Western
  • Guarantee Trust Life

NOTE: If Prosperity/Liberty/Royal are locked up, replace with CVS Health/Aetna and/or Americo.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Please check the carrier state availability guide here to ensure the suggested carriers above are available. If not, check the “Telesales Friendly Carrier” tab for other carrier ideas you can use instead.

For New York Resident Agents: You cannot sell final expense over the phone in New York – you’ll have to sell over the phone to residents of other states, so please choose the carriers according to those states you’re intending to market in.

After you submit the carriers above on SuranceBay, you need to submit appropriate commission levels using the form below:

Please *carefully* review the directions below regarding getting your commission levels set up accurately.

Are you a newly licensed agent or a licensed agent with minimal to no experience?

You will be at the New Agent Commission levels (usually 100% to 110% first year commission, with 60% to 70% on guaranteed issue policies).

You can review the New Agent commission grids here for specifics on each carrier comp levels.

Are you an experienced agent in final expense, or another line of insurance?

“Experienced” is defined as having written a minimum of several dozens insurance policies and having a familiarity of the insurance sales process.

If so, you’ll start at the Experienced Agent commission levels (usually 110% to 120% first year commission, with 70% to 80% commission on guaranteed issue policies).

You can review Experienced Agent commission grids here.

VERY IMPORTANT – Do These TWO tasks AFTER Submitting Contracting On SuranceBay (NOT Before!)

Once you submit contracting on SuranceBay, you MUST do the following:

  1. Submit commission levels via the form below, and,
  2. Complete Prosperity contracting using the links below (even if you completed contracting on SuranceBay for Prosperity)

This tells our contracting people what your commission levels are, and alerts them to begin submitting your producer contracts to each carrier.

Here is a list of each commission level for each carrier if you’re a “New” or “Experienced” agent.

Any questions or confusion, reach out to me here.

And here’s the Agent Earnings Disclosure you must read and understand prior to joining Duford Insurance Group.

Commission Form Request – Complete and press “submit” when done:

    NOTE: You WILL receive a receipt of this request. If you do *not*, check your spam box. If it's not there, reach out to me via email and I will confirm receipt manually.

    NOTE: It takes 2 weeks to fully appoint you AFTER submitting the contracts on SuranceBay.

    To get an update on carrier contracting status, please follow the directions here.

    Prosperity Life Contracting

    ALSO: If you selected Prosperity Life on SuranceBay, you MUST complete additional contracting (and complete the required AML) by clicking one of the corresponding links below:

    Click here to contract at New Agent Commission Levels for Prosperity Life

    • IMPORTANT NOTE: When prompted, please select “General Agent,” “75% advance on ISSUE,” with a $3000 max advance.

    Click here to contract at Experienced Agent Commission Levels for Prosperity Life

    • IMPORTANT NOTE: When prompted, please select “General Agent,” “75% advance on ISSUE,” with a $3000 max advance. 

    Getting A Release Of Existing Carriers to Move To DIG

    Watch the video below for important details:

    Please download and complete the release here – Blank Release Form.

    Email the signed release once you get your old upline’s signature.

    I’ll send that into the carriers and make sure your release is processed along with your carrier contracts.

    Any troubles, reach out to David directly and he’ll help!

    Getting Stuck Completing Your SuranceBay Account?

    If stuck, go ahead and send me the email and password you selected on SuranceBay with the help request email.

    I may end up having to log in to get you unstuck, and having your account credentials ahead of time will hasten the process.

    FINAL STEP: Get Access To DIG’s Sales & Carrier Training Website

    Now that you’ve completed contracting, it’s time to to access the Private Access Training Material.

    You’ll need to register at our new training website here

    It usually takes 12 hours or less to authorize your access, so please be patient =).

    Looking forward to working with you!

    Dave Duford
    Contact me here with questions.