Selling Final Expense Burial Insurance And Staying Motivated

When it comes to selling final expense burial insurance, I’m not one of these guys that is big on the whole motivational approach and guru-ism stuff. I think a lot of that whole industry really just tries to capitalize off of weak-willed people to sell them a bunch of crap that really doesn’t do anything to expound or increase their ability of succeeding.

It’s all feel-good/stroke-me stuff that doesn’t actually translate to results. I’m going to give you my perspective on what I feel is actually beneficial, at least for myself, to keep me motivated selling final expense burial insurance.

selling final expense burial insurance

The ups and downs of selling final expense burial insurance are real.

Selling final expense burial insurance is not easy. It’s simple, but it sure as heck isn’t easy. You’ve got to go out there, you’ve got to talk to strangers, you’ve got to talk to some people who are complete deadbeats that have no ambition in life and don’t want to do anything with their life.  These are the kind of losers that all burial insurance agents have to deal with on occasion.

The problem is that sometimes you go through ups and downs and the downs can last considerably longer than expected and it’s a goal of mine and a goal that every agent should share to stay motivated so we can get back through it to realize the ups that really make the success in this business.

Here’s my perspective on what it takes for myself to stay motivated when hitting the road and selling final expense on a daily basis:

#1. I don’t want to be impoverished. Poverty scares me. The government supports us, it supports many final expense prospects, they subsidize this and subsidize that, but these people sit and don’t do anything, many times living in complete travesty.

We get the opportunity to see that when we go out and sell and for me, the concept of living impoverished and seeing what little of life that you get to take advantage of is a huge motivator for me to get out there and sell final expense, even when things suck, and work my butt off in order to make the sales in order to keep my ship afloat.

selling final expense burial insurance

Mediocrity is everywhere! Choose not to live a life of mediocrity!

#2. I don’t want to be a mediocrity in life. I don’t want to be yet another person in life that never took the risk, that never took a chance in life, that just simply drifted through life and didn’t grab the bull by the horns and make something of himself. We all have inherent, unique talents; we have things we are skilled and special at doing, but the worst thing that you can do is let that stuff go un-fermented, un-worked, or undeveloped and just live a life of regret when you look back at all the things you could have accomplished or made yourself into.

To not succeed is a shame and I refuse to do that, so staying motivated to make sure that I apply myself in a manner in which I will strive and work to be great, to do great things, so that in my life I will have a sense of accomplishment and achievement that many will not and many will never get there, so that keeps me motivated to be something greater than just normal or average.

#3. The money. We like to help the people we sell to, but ultimately it’s about the money.  We want to make a good living at what we do.

In this business of selling final expense, making the money is a huge motivator for me. I love the thrill of closing, of getting out on the streets, knocking on doors, running appointments and asking for business because it is an action in which very few can actually do successfully, but those that do it successfully are amongst the greatest people that work and live in this great nation we live in, and so you count yourself as somebody who is amazing and special and awesome if you can get out there and do this stuff. We literally create something out of nothing, where many people have tried and failed, you can consistently do this, you are in a special category of people and you should be proud of yourself and that should be motivating for you.

selling final expense burial insurance

Selling final expense burial insurance is all about freedom.

#4. The Freedom. There is nothing better than being your own boss selling final expense burial insurance. Of course, with being your own boss and the freedom of it come the responsibilities of managing it. There’s a lot of people that don’t have any business running their own business, which is what you’re effectively doing as an actively selling final expense agent.

Others thrive under the pressure and under the responsibilities. A lot of people rise to the occasion when they’re presented a situation to achieve and to strive for something greater than just making somebody else rich.

It’s a great motivator for me to wake up every day and know that I’m creating my own way, that everything is on my plate to accomplish because that gives me full control of my outcomes. It’s tough for a lot of people because they rely on others, they rely on a corporate system to achieve things, they rely on a corporate chain of command in order to buck responsibility and lay blame elsewhere on the product, the sales system, the people they sell to. It’s not the case in this business.

We have full access as independent final expense agents to any company. We can sell with any final expense lead system. We can go out there and work as hard as we want or as little as we want. We fully own the outcome of our lives and that, in a sense, despite the responsibilities, is totally freeing.  It allows those with the capability and the desire to succeed the way that they want to. For me, that’s extremely motivating.

I’ll conclude this with one last thought.  I’m not a big motivational-type of guy.  I think that you either are going to pull your pants up and get your ass out to work or you’re not, and it’s important for you to make something of yourself or not. Every person who’s made it in life has gone through all sorts of struggles. We’ve all had our confidence tested. We’ve all had our visions questioned.

We’ve all had even family and friends close to us wonder what the hell we’re doing with ourselves and why we’re wasting our time and the truth is that you have to have the internal fortitude to stand alone and to make decisions about your life, and what you want to accomplish with it and the way that you

selling final expense burial insurance

Praying to your pet rock won’t work. Working your ass off to sell final expense burial insurance will!

want to accomplish things and only you can make those decisions– that you want to be successful, that you want to make something of yourself, and you’ve got to wake up every morning and make that happen.

But look, saying “I’m a great guy” 5,000 times a day or doing séances or praying to your pet rock— all that stuff is a bunch of bull crap that sells books for the self-appointed motivational gurus who go and laugh all the way to the bank.

True motivation comes from coherent desire of purpose and truly a desire to be something great in life and the confidence to withstand those things that get in our way in order to get those kinds of success. A large part of that is knowing that there are others that have struggled, that have the same issues and the same points of resistance, even within the family, and knowing that that’s there if you already have the stuff to succeed will help you if you’re feeling more down than normal.