How Much Money Do You Need To Sell Final Expense Life Insurance?

To sell final expense life insurance the right way is a great topic to discuss in detail.

I always tell a story about an older agent who used to sell final expense life insurance. He had a great personality and a great work ethic. He had everything necessary to get a level of success in the final expense business… with the exception of one thing: money!

This particular agent had a job when he joined, and only could sell final expense life insurance several times a week. As I mentioned in another article, part-time commitment is great, as long as you have enough full-time effort. Many people cannot jump ship all of a sudden. They need to transition slowly. As long as they give it their all in the transition, then that’s totally fine.


You can sell final expense life insurance successfully on a part-time basis, along with keeping your regular full-time job.

In fact, this agent hated his job with a passion! He cursed it. He was frustrated with it. He did not like the direction of his life and where he ended up. Against my recommendation, he quit his job entirely. At the time he quit, he had a guaranteed $50,000 a year income, which paid his normal bills and alleviated some of the stresses a straight-commission profession such as final expense sales can cause.

What ultimately happened? When he got to sell final expense life insurance full time, he ultimately didn’t have the money to withstand the downs that come when you sell final expense, and ended up washing out.

The purpose of today’s article is to explain to you how to sell final expense life insurance the right way, so that you can sustain your success.

Let’s talk about how to start off the RIGHT way:

First of all, if you have a job and you’re concerned about not having enough capital available for final expense leads, and you want to do final expense RIGHT, please do not quit your job. There’s two options you have in order to make the transition work.

#1. You can actually save up your money and take the time to bankroll yourself properly, and,

#2. You can always keep your job and work final expense on the side.

I worked for a large uniform service company full-time and used to sell final expense life insurance part-time. I invested no more than 25-30 hours a week into final expense sales. Yes, I worked weekends. Yes, I worked several nights a week until 11:30PM. My deeply-held desire was to succeed in selling final expense life insurance. So I decided I’d do whatever it took. And that’s what you have to do if you’re not so keen in the beginning to leave your full-time gig.

What if you are ready to leave your full-time job to sell final expense life insurance?

Let’s say you’ve got money set aside. What kind of initial investment do you need in order to sell final expense correctly? Optimally, there’s a couple of different choices.

First off, you can do direct mail final expense leads. Direct mail final expense leads, while they are the most expensive, they’re the highest-quality leads available for agents that sell final expense life insurance.

final expense leads

Leads are king in selling final expense insurance

What I recommend is a bare minimum of $3000 to $5,000 set aside for the funding of a direct mail lead campaign, either in the form of a credit card or in the form of savings. Please make sure that if this is what you do, that you don’t need to spend or invest it up front. You just need to make sure you have it in reserves.

Twenty leads a week is going to cost around $550-$600 and you won’t get leads back until about 3 to 4 later, which is about a $1,500 to $2,000 investment. You’ve got another 3 to 4 weeks of final expense leads you can pay for, of which by that time you should’ve sold something and made a little money to cover your expenses. Then you’ll go into the process of covering expenses, making money, clearing costs, and so on.

What happens if you’re half-way there or you’re not so sure about dumping in fully and investing in final expense direct mail leads at that level?

That’s totally fine! You have other options as well.

One other great option is to invest money into final expense avatars leads. These leads are cheaper and turn around faster compared to direct mail final expense leads. Final expense avatar leads are an affordable way to begin working in the final expense arena, with the ultimate goal of using the proceeds to fund your direct mail campaign.

This will allow you to get an idea of what selling final expense life insurance is like. The truth is that while I’ll sit here and lecture and pound my fists on the desk and tell agents of all experience that you’ve got to get into direct mail and be willing to invest $5,000, a lot of you reading this won’t do it because you’re scared. And you should be!

Selling final expense life insurance can be a risky business. And you may not make it.

You’ve got to accept the risk because nobody’s going to get around it. One way to encourage agents to test the waters, so they can prove to themselves they can be successful, is for them to buy final expense avatar leads or even run my senior seminar marketing program to self-generate virtually free final expense leads without much investment on their behalf.

Around $1,000 to $2,000 is good to start with for final expense avatar leads. If you’ve got a full-time job, you can make those avatars work doing 2-3 orders a month. As you can see, you can spend less than $1K and start getting a good feel for what the business is like.

I would highly recommend that if you do it that way and you’re out there working avatars in conjunction with your full-time gig, definitely use a final expense appointment setter.

I have a final expense appointment setter that I have my agents use. And this is put to good use because instead of working avatars, which are a little harder to door knock and require a lot more drive time, allows you to get out the door in full strength to spend time talking to people instead of door knocking with a lot of windshield time.

Those are the 3 options that I would give a new agent wanting to start selling final expense life insurance. I think one of the easiest ways to get involved in final expense is to do it on a part-time business. When I say part-time, try to have a goal of 10 appointments a week. You can shove 2-3 appointments in after your day job and then spend most of the day Saturday working and easily get in 5-6 appointments on Saturday and another 2 on 2 other days, for a total of 10.


Take care to sell final expense life insurance the right way, and you will increase your odds of success exponentially.

The takeaway here is I don’t want any of my agents to do things the wrong way. A lot of agencies will push their agents out the door, and tell them it’s either full-time or bust, making them invest everything into their program. For a lot of agents, it’s a bad deal. They end up losing out because they weren’t properly funded or trained.

If you’ve got income already, you’re not going to be in dire straits if, God forbid, something happens to you and you HAVE to make the sale. You don’t have to lean on every sale. Active agents that sell final expense life insurance call that ‘commission breath.’ And when you don’t have commission breath, the odd thing is since you don’t need to sell every presentation, you’re not going to seem as desperate. And final expense leads are attracted to those who are there just to help.

The point is that you want to take your time getting involved if you’re not in the optimal situation of having a lot of money laying around or having money set aside. Take your time getting involved in this business. Take the steps to do the right thing and don’t rush it. It is not worth it in this business. Don’t be the guy who flunks out selling final expense life insurance because you were not prepared and made a series of career-ending, wrong decisions.