Releases With DIG

By David Duford - January 09, 2023 - 5 Mins Read

Please read and watch carefully below:

Do you want a release to move your carrier contracts FROM DIG to *another organization*?

If so, please watch the video above for full instructions.

Make sure to follow the steps as *exactly* outlined to ensure your releases are processed in a timely manner:

If your new agency will not provide a release form, feel free to click here and fill out this generic release form.

Important: Remember to have your new upline sign first, along with signing the form yourself, prior to submitting below.

    For all release follow ups, please communicate with Karra here: [email protected]

    Do you want a release to move your *Medicare Advantage* carrier contracts FROM DIG to *another organization?*

    If so, please click this link here and follow the directions to begin the release process for Medicare Advantage.

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