Podcast: Selling Final Expense – Why I’ve Cut Back on Recruiting Final Expense Agents

Selling Final Expense - Why I've Cut Back on Recruiting Final Expense Agents

Have you ever wondered – is it worth it to recruit final expense agents when you are selling final expense insurance? In today’s podcast, Dave Duford, founder of Final Expense Agent Mentor, explains why he has fundamentally altered his new Mentorship agent recruiting program.

You’ll learn a few interesting pointers, like:

1) Why Dave’s original recruiting program set up many agents to fail.

2) What experience and character traits top producers that work with David share.

3) How you can greatly increase your odds of success selling final expense life insurance.

If you are a new agent doing your due diligence on how to succeed in selling final expense life insurance, then this candid training is for you. You’ll learn how to get more leads while finding the right agents for your business.

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