How Much Money Can A Final Expense Agent Earn? [Deep Dive]

How Much Money Can A Final Expense Agent Earn? [Deep Dive]

Interested in selling final expense insurance?

In today’s podcast, Dave Duford discusses the oft-asked question, “How much money can a final expense agent realistically earn?”

Unlike other podcasts and videos that gloss over details, Dave goes into great detail about all the factors that affect your income-earning capability, so that you fully understand the big picture including the details on how much you can expect to earn in selling final expense if you truly put all your effort into it.

Specifically, Dave discusses the following topics:

1) Primers To Forecasting Final Expense Sales Income – Gross Vs. Net, Expenses, Ratios
2) Putting It All Together – Final Expense Sales Presentation To Leads Ratio, Final Expense Application To Presentation Ratio, Average Final Expense Sales Case Size, Final Expense Policy Lapse Ratio, Final Expense Commission Percentage.
3) Additional Discussion On Final Expense Advance Commissions, and The All-Important Return On Investment Ratio.
4) Final Takeaways From Today’s Conversation.

If you are new to selling final expense, and are looking for an accurate portrayal without the hype and BS on what is possible in selling final expense and earning an income, then this podcast is for you.

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