Mortgage Protection Appointment Setting – Should You Pre-Qualify Your Leads On The Phone?

Today’s topic is about mortgage protection, appointing, setting specifically answering the questions. Should you pre-qualify your leads on the phone? This is an interesting question to answer.

Most likely you have worked some of these mortgage protection sales leads.And you’ve went to the appointment and you realize there were some information you possibly could have collected on the phone that hinge the entire deal.

And the appointment would not even set if you had known that information. So what I’m going to try is to address this particular subject matter and give you reasons why I would not recommend pre-qualifying.

So again, a lot of this stems are just normal frustrations that every agent experiences. We all set appointments and if we only knew just one little thing wrong with them, it would save us the time to drive there, sit down and meet with them.

However, we remember obviously the negative outcomes, what we don’t remember is the positive outcome from an appointment setting process with little or no pre-qualification.

So here’s why pre-qualification may be a bad idea and why I don’t necessarily suggest it. Generally speaking, we use the phone to sell an appointment and not the product. Pre-qualification as a process of selling the appointment or selling the product.

So if we sell too much on the phone, a lot of information we gathered or the more we spend time on the phone, we may run into where the prospect may turn us down for an appointment. And we may lose out an opportunity where a prospect literally sitting on the fence and interested.

Maybe there was something that was talked about that couldn’t quite address or presented over the phone. But could have been addressed and explain effectively face to face with the prospect client.

That’s the main reason that I am not an advocate of pre-qualification. I know there are people who do it successfully and I look at those people as an exception to the rule. You want to use the phone for one thing only, and that is to sell an appointment to go and see them face to face.

Sell the appointment because nobody wants to meet with a life insurance agent or a salesperson. So you got to do things to get them intrigued in what you’re saying without spilling the beans and talking too much.

So a lot of that has to do with kind of intangible aspects. Having a lot of energy and being effective explaining things. Saying how easy it is to meet with you and it’s not going to take a lot of time. Let them realize your job is to help them and show them how this works.Remind them there’s no pressure or obligation at all to buy.

That’s what I meant by selling. And that’s really what you should do on the phone. Get that part done first and then use the presentation to sell the product. The main reason why we do that is because what you’re selling when you’re selling insurance as yourself.

There are several times I’ve sold a product and the person has no idea anything at all about the company. This is the first time they’ve heard the company and they won’t even possibly remember it in a couple of weeks. But they will remember me because of the impact that I made on them at that point.

And that’s what I meant by selling them through the act of trusting us. They’ll take what we sell to them because they feel we’re an expert in what we’re talking about. And that level of trust is only achievable if we connect to our prospect face to face appointment.

There are so much business gets sold over in a face to face deal versus over the phone. if you are new it’s very important to delegate your phone calls for selling appointments and you’re face to face appointment are for selling the product. You cannot go wrong with this approach.

Yes, you may encounter negative appointments that you may regret. Thinking you knew about that so that you wouldn’t have wasted your time. But I promise you the big picture you need to remember, there are more positive outcomes to this approach than the few negative ones you run into.

So I’ll do hope that helps you. It’s good to know and understand why we do things this way. This is the main reason why I do these kinds of training because a lot of the times they never explained. It certainly makes sense to pre-qualify on the surface, but there is really good reason why you don’t.

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