Final Expense Voicemail Leads – 100% Always Illegal!

I’m going to shoot you with an injection of truth today and it’s about final expense voicemail leads.  Guess what?  They’re illegal.  Don’t do them, OK?

I’m begging you. Please don’t EVER purchase final expense voicemail leads or press 1 final expense leads. Let me explain to you why. There are vendors out there that claim their voicemail final expense leads aren’t completely illegal. They say it’s legal, but they’re not. They’re liars, OK?

Let me tell you how I know all final expense voicemail leads and press 1 final expense leads are illegal to use.  I’m in about my fifth year in final expense, and I’ve run across vendors that sell voice mail leads, claiming that it’s a human process and that they follow the telemarketing compliance rules completely.

final expense voicemail leads

Final expense voicemail leads are patently illegal.

There’s nobody that does final expense voicemail leads formally that follows that process. The cost to do so would be 5 times as much to generate non-robocalled voicemail leads.  They’re all doing boilerplate robo-calling.

And that’s the underlying problem. Robo-calling is illegal for for-profit purposes and has been a long time.. And that’s the method in which to deliver a final expense voicemail lead.  It’s done every day, too, and there’s multiple vendors I can think of off the top of my head that do it.  Sadly, they’re all running a scam.  They’ll deliver your leads, they’ll do their job, it’s just that their job is illegal.

Final Expense Voicemail Leads – An Easy Way To Get Sued

The thing you’ve got to be careful of is that you’ll probably get sued using final expense voicemail leads in the long run.

I’ve heard of two separate cases where one prominent, litigious lawyer (I guess that’s kind of a redundant phrase, right?) out of South Carolina sued the guy for running a voicemail campaign.  He got sued for several thousand dollars.

My understanding is this lawyer does about $50,000 in income from what I would call ‘agent shakedown’ for using these robo-call leads and scaring the pants off of them by forking over some of their cash to keep him from pressing charges.

press 1 final expense leads

Press 1 final expense leads are an easy way to attract lawyers who like shaking agents down.

I heard of another agent in Pennsylvania who ran these final expense voicemail and press 1 leads.  He got to the guy’s house, started talking and had a nice conversation about burial insurance. The prospect asked for the guy’s business card.  That created a paper trail, and it turned out the prospect was an attorney. The attorney ended up referring what happened it to somebody at the state level and they sued the final expense agent.

The point is that there are people out there who are sick and tired of these calls, and more willing than ever to try to press charges against you. They get them all the time and all it takes one pissed off person to screw you.

Look. Your life insurance license is a privilege, not a right!  That license can be revoked because of cause and misrepresentation, because you’re not following compliance to different rules.  So you should always be compliant.  Figure out how to buy telemarketed final expense leads compliantly – you’ll still make money if you work them hard.

I decided this a while back for my own business. It wasn’t worth the risk of doing questionable final expense voicemail leads programs or anything of that matter because you have a privilege as an agent, not a right. So you should treat it with care and ethics because it may be here today and gone tomorrow! And not only your current income gains gone, but also your renewals would be, too.

Hopefully this article is what I would call the ‘come to Jesus meeting.’ Don’t touch those final expense voicemail leads! Stay far away from them.  Try final expense avatar leads instead or do some research on other final expense telemarketing leads you can use instead.

If you are looking for high-quality, compliant final expense telemarketing leads, check out my article here for a complete resource on what your options are.